APK pumps is a famous China submersible pumps brand. Over thirty years, we dedicate only on designing and producing submersible pumps. Our pumps have been sent to many countries around the world. In Russia, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mauritius, the Republic of Korea, Bangladesh, Peru, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Iran, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, North Korea and other countries, our products are sold and used widely and got great praise among customers.

Stainless Steel Sewage Pump With Reamer In Mongolia

5 sets 30kW stainless steel sewage pumps with reamers have been produced. And exported to Mongolia for sewage treatment. Stainless steel sewage pump produced by our factory is a commonly used pump in sewage treatment. It’s submersible sewage pump with ...
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submersible pumps for Malaysia

Submersible Pumps In Malaysia

In 2015, many models of submersible pumps has been sent to Malaysia for draining water from surface ground and low- lying areas. “Pumps from APK has greatly improved the efficiency of draining and pumping water, and helped us make a ...
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submersible water pumps for Kenya

DC40V Solar Pump In Kenya

Last week, we warmly welcomed our clients from Kenya, they came to pay a visit to our factory. When they got into factory, they were shocked by the scale of our factory. Then they look the whole running process of ...
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deep well submersible pumps

Deep Well Submersible Pumps In North Korea

Good news!! QJ series deep well submersible pumps have been sent to North Korea in 2015, they are ready to make great contribution on creating perfect life of North Korean. Deep well submersible pumps been produced After getting the order, ...
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submersible pumps in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Customers Came to Visit APK

In 2017, two Saudi Arabian customers came to visit our factory. Our manager Ms. Huang welcomed them warmly. First, they visited our exhibition room and was amazed at our good-looking pumps. After they looking at the accessories put on the ...
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Submersible Pumps in Pakistan

This morning, several customers from Pakistan came to visit our factory, It was a cold day, but our enthusiasm made them feel very warm. When they came to our factory, our selling personnel introduced the factory layout. Whole factory is ...
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good submersible pumps

Submersible Pumps in Indonesia

Today, some customers from Indonesia came to pay a visit to our factory. They arrived at about nine o’ clock in the morning. Before visiting, we gave them detailed introductions about history and scale of our APK. As they are ...
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sea water submersible pumps

Stainless Steel 316 Submersible Pumps In Iceland

Ordered Pumps Parameter: Flow 1200m³/h 1000m³/h 800m³/h Head 18m 16m 16m Power 110kw 90kw 75kw Iceland customers ordered a large amount of stainless steel 316 submersible pumps and use them in seafood factory. Customers need submersible motor and the maximum ...
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Deep Well Submersible Pumps In The Republic of Belarus

Several days before, many customers from The Republic of Belarus came to visit our factory. As they intended to order large quantities of deep well submersible pumps, we invited them to test our well pumps by themselves. Results of which ...
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submersible fountain pumps

Submersible Fountain Pumps In Uzbekistan

Congratulations! 110 submersible fountain pumps were sent to Uzbekistan! Products Model: Model Quantity Unit N.W.(kg) 40-16-3.3kw 15 SET 40 65-18-5.5kw 10 SET 43 25-9-1.1kw 15 SET 40 65-10-3kw 60 SET 39 250QJ120-60 5 SET 267 250QJ160-60 2 SET 250 250QJ120-80 ...
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stainless steel submersible pumps

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps in Nigeria

Congratulations!! A hundred stainless steel submersible pumps are transported to Nigeria successfully. Customers test performance by themselves after receiving our products and praised for our excellent quality. From ordering to delivery, we made delicate plan on producing required stainless steel ...
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submersible well water pumps

Wholesale Fountain Water Pumps In Pakistan

Products Parameter: Model Flow rate Head (m) Power (kw) Electricity (A) Motor Head (mm) QS80-20 80 20 7.5 17.43 657 QS250-5 250 5 5.5 13.11 QS250-8 8 7.5 17.43 QSZ500-5.5 500 5.5 13 28 1367 QSZ700-10 700 10 25 1665 ...
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