good submersible pumps

Submersible Pumps in Indonesia

Today, some customers from Indonesia came to pay a visit to our factory. They arrived at about nine o’ clock in the morning. Before visiting, we gave them detailed introductions about history and scale of our APK. As they are interested in our deep well submersible pumps, we answered lots of questions on these pumps.
After they came to our factory, we showed them two factories of us, one is for producing castings and the other is to produce pump parts. When our workers are working, they asked several problems and had hot discussion with them. They were especially surprised at our automatic producing line and advanced producing machine. On test process, we had them picked several pumps randomly and made them tested by themselves, when results of our pumps showed on the screen on testing machine, they were all amazed at our high performance pumps. They also visited our storage room.

good submersible pumps
submersible pumps manufacturer

When they were visiting, they strongly believed strength of us, and determined to regard us as long-term cooperators. After two days of visiting on our factory and our company, the Indonesian customers ordered two hundred submersible deep well pumps from our company.
Our company started working immediately after getting the order, all the pumps were sent out in 48 hours. When pumps got Indonesia, customers tried them one by one and tested them carefully, and finally proved that all transferred pumps from APK are of highest quality level.


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