sea water submersible pumps

Stainless Steel 316 Submersible Pumps In Iceland

Ordered Pumps Parameter:

Flow 1200m³/h 1000m³/h 800m³/h
Head 18m 16m 16m
Power 110kw 90kw 75kw

Iceland customers ordered a large amount of stainless steel 316 submersible pumps and use them in seafood factory. Customers need submersible motor and the maximum diameter of pumps must be less than 550mm.
Most stainless steel pumps are equipped with two stage motor, in order to meet customers’ demands, we discussed with engineer and decided to make ODM pumps for customers. R&D department soon discussed a complete design drawing and installation program. As the application of pumps are sea water, and flow rate must be as high as 1200m³/h. We chose to use 316 stainless steel materials as pumps casting for long service life.

sea water submersible pumps
submersible pumps in Iceland

Within two months, we successfully made out required pumps. Each pump is tested strictly through testing machine, flow rate of which reaches more than 1500m³/h. After pumps being sent to Iceland, users are really satisfied on our products and use them immediately in their seafood industry. Till now, our pumps have been used by them for several months, the customers are still praising us for our excellent performance products.
APK is the best professional submersible pumps, we offer wholesale stainless steel submersible pumps and customized service. If you need customized, contact us immediately!


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