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Sea Water Submersible Pumps

Still have trouble in transferring sea water or salt water with your cast iron pumps? Perhaps our stainless steel sea water submersible pumps may be in great help. As is known to us all, sea water is of highly corrosion and may bring disaster damage to clean water cast iron pumps. Therefore, casting of sea water submersible pumps adopts stainless steel types. Inlet filter is able to oblige large particles and long fiber inside transferred medium. Because of their perfect pumping performance and good-looking appearance, sea water submersible pumps are always in great demand in our company.

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Products Parameter:

Power: 18.5kw/25hp

Flow: 50m³/h

Diameter: 8inch/200mm

Head: 80m

Model: 200QJ50-80/4

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As name suggests, sea water pumps are normally used to transfer sea water or salt water, because of its corrosive resistance performance, they are also adopted for transferring other light corrosive liquid. Seldom corrosive droppings within pumping process makes them suitable for supplying domestic drinking water or municipal water.


  • Simple and good looking appearance
  • Highly corrosive resistance
  • Easy to be operated and installed
  • Long service life
  • Stable and smooth working condition
  • Low operating noisy and environmental friendly
  • Little power consumption
  • Wide range of applications
sea water submersible pumps for sale
sea water submersible pumps

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Types

Sea water pump specifications mainly refers to two types for their pump shell. One is diversion shell type whereas the other being normal pump shell. Head of diversion shell types ranges among 30-100m, belonging to low head pump type. On the contrary, pump shell owns the property of large capacity and high head, water is filled into pumps motor to cool down heated machine. The average output reaches 10t/h or 20t/h. Therefore, it becomes the primary and hot type in our company.

6 inch sea water submersible pump
sea water submersible pumps

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Price

High quality or cheap price, which would you like better? Of course in most of occasions, high quality refers to high price that are even not affordable to customers. However, in APK submersible pumps manufacturer, you will have no trouble in choosing between them. The main reason for high price is normally the middle charge appears between selling company and producing factory. Therefore, with our own strong strength factory, we successfully reduced the unnecessary cost and put all the attention into designing and producing. With strict testing system in each producing process, our products are proved to have longer service life than other brands according to customers’ feedback.

sea water pumps for sale
sea water submersible pumps part

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Specifications

Model Flow


Head  (m) Power (kw) Voltage (v) Temperature (℃) Material Pump diameter
175QJ 10-63 16-288 3-37 380 0-90 SS304/SS316/SS316L 168mm
200QJ 20-125 17-500 3-160 380 0-90 SS304/SS316/SS316L 200mm
250QJ 125-230 25-210 18.5-160 380 0-90 SS304/SS316/SS316L 250mm
300QJ 200-500 20-220 18.5-220 380 0-90 SS304/SS316/SS316L 300mm
Customized and OEM service can be offered if you need

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Working Principle

Motor of sea water pumps is used to offer power, when pump is on, motor starts working rapidly and drive each parts of pumps move accordingly. Vacuum space is formed near inlet because of imbalanced pressure between water and pumps, therefore, sea water is forced to flow into pump body under great pressure. Near impeller part, fast rotated impeller brings liquid rotate in pre-designed route and then throw water away in large force. The height of water thrown is defined as head of pumps. Then all the water flows out through outlet naturally, that is the whole working process of water pumps.

sea water pump system
sea water submersible pumps material

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps System

As a marine pump, whole pump body must be immersed totally into water, for easy operating, we equip switch of it on the ground. A weak submersible pump may get sick in smooth working conditions and curve. However, each of pump produced in our company must be tested repeatedly for better performance. And in order to get it worked more fluency, we compared many sorts of hydraulic design and chose the perfect one as main type. Noisy during working process is narrowed in largest extent by high quality rubber. As a professional submersible pumps company, we exert to bring you the most comfortable using experience.

sea water submersible pumps for sale
sea water submersible pumps testing

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Design – Every part of sea water submersible pump is meticulously designed time by time and proved to be in excellent performance in large quantity sales and long-term use;

Material – Selected raw materials use only, 304 and 316 material, 100% virgin high strength PPO plastic impeller, No.880 silicon steel sheet, 100% copper wire and winding;

Control – 95% spare parts, including cable, capacitor, motor rotor and stator, plastic impeller and brass,  are self made to reduce costs and control the quality level;

Machining – High precision and efficient processing machinery guarantees each parts in brilliant performance;

Check – Spare parts, motors and finished pumps are 100% checked and tested strictly;

Assembling – Standard and experienced assembling, JIADI brand put and well packed after passing operating test.


Sea Water Submersible Pumps Parts

Four main parts form water pumps all together, which includes impeller, motor, inlet and outlet. Unlike on-ground water pumps, submersible pumps put pump body and motor together as one whole to save space. Unlike other clean water pumps, sea water submersible pumps impellers must be also corrosion resistant, therefore, we design them into typical type and can better transfer small particles and solid. Inlet is covered with filter to block impurity and makes sure more water can be pumped in. Outlet is installed above impeller part, after water is thrown away from impeller, it flows out directly from outlet.

sea water pumps for sale
sea water submersible pumps casting

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
200QJ80-22/2 80 22 7.5 18 648 184 95
200QJ80-33/3 33 13 29.7 703 107
200QJ80-44/4 44 15 33.9 876 1035 138
200QJ80-55/5 55 18.5 41.6 926 1180 167
200QJ80-66/6 66 22 48.25 1177 1325 225
200QJ80-77/7 77 30 65.4 1317 1470 265
200QJ80-88/8 88 30 65.4 1317 1615 280
200QJ80-99/9 99 37 79.7 1452 1760 317
200QJ80-121/11 121 45 96.9 1573 1905 368

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Materials

Internal materials have large effect on pumps performance and service life, before choosing suitable materials, APK did quantity of submersible pumps experiments and hydraulic test. Taking safety as primary matter, we equipped our pumps with over-heat and over-flow devices to protect motors. Silicon steel sheet and copper wire we use are far beyond national standard. Instead of manual pumping, we use stamping machine which requires accurate size and thickness. Therefore, our stator is made smooth and close.

sea water submersible pumps price
sea water submersible pumps for sale

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Brand

Best rated submersible pumps brands are more reliable and guaranteed than others, therefore, when choosing suitable pumps, top ten water pumps brands may be your best choice. Among them, APK serves as the leading corporate and is praised widely from customers. Designated by National Water Conservancy Bureau, our high quality products are regarded as benchmarking of National standard formulating. In China, our water pumps using rate reaches far more than 70% and for many times used as officially designated products in large events such as Olympic Games. On producing submersible pumps, we are always the most professional one.

sea water pumps for sale
sea water submersible pumps function

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Sea Water Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

Core Competitiveness of a pump manufacturer lies mainly in its factory, most of submersible pumps suppliers have no capability to produce products by themselves and thus need to find factory to produce for them. However, best submersible pumps company like us have strongest strength factory. We are able to produce pumps range from 2.2kw to 450kw. Customized service system enables each customers to get satisfied products. On producing pumps, we skillfully master three casting methods and own mechanical producing line system, together with our strictly management system. We are sure to be your suitable choice.

sea water submersible pumps for sale
sea water submersible pumps price

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After-Sale Service

  1. 24 hours questions resolved
  2. Restricted delivery time
  3. Professional maintenance and installation method taught
  4. Welcome anytime for factory visiting
  5. Free repair for a year


With our thoughtful service life and perfect products, we are sure to provide you with the most satisfying purchasing and using experience. Besides, we are always looking for great cooperators to be our distributors overboard, if you have any intention, please read requirement in detail and contact us soon. On choosing submersible pumps, we will have our personnel to give you best suggestions, so if you have any questions or intentions on our products, please leave your message below in detail, and we will contact you as soon as possible!



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