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Industrial Submersible Water Pump

Industrial submersible water pump is normally marked by high head and large capacity. As the working situation of industrial centrifugal water pumps are relatively complicated, we produce all sorts of pumps to meet your needs. Special design of industrial dewatering pumps and industrial well pump are able to be on your help in mining area and constructive use. As a professional industrial water pumps manufacturer, we regard quality as primary thing and all our pumps are tested strictly for better using experience. Detailed industrial water pump price list will be given if you need.

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industrial water pump
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-250mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Apart from others, industrial submersible water pump is more often used for mining or constructive use. Besides, they can also be applied for:

  • Municipal clean water transfer
  • Cooling and air conditioner system
  • Boiling water and condensing system
  • Water dealing system
  • Irrigation water supply
  • River, lake and sea water transfer


  1. Long service life and high quality guaranteed
  2. High head and large flow capacity
  3. Wide range of using conditions
  4. Low noisy and environmental friendly
  5. Good sealing system and less water leakage
  6. Safety working and good balance performance
submersible industrial water pumps for sale
industrial submersible water pumps

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Industrial Water Pumps 1000gpm

Industrial dewatering pumps are some kind of large capacity pumps. Because of their special use condition, industrial water pump capacity can be as large as 1000 gpm. As we have our own factory, all products are made by ourselves and we are able to provide all kinds of industrial pump solutions for our customers. If larger capacity is needed, we will design our pumps carefully to meet all your needs. While the capacity of pumps are enlarged, we will pay great attention to their quality, so that our industrial water pumps 1000 gpm are able to work in relatively safe condition. And thus the service life of our large industrial water pumps is longer than other suppliers.

Submersible industrial centrifugal pumps for sale
industrial submersible water pumps

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Submersible Industrial Water Pumps For Sale

Industrial submersible water pumps for sale now in APK is normally divided into bottom suction types, axial flow or mixed flow types, and deep well multistage types. Bottom suction submersible pumps install inlet at the bottom of pumps, so that surface water is able to pumped in. Therefore, they are also called dewatering submersible pumps. Axial flow and mixed flow industrial pumps are special for their impellers and are famous for high head. Deep well multistage pumps are commonly used and their wide range of application as well as impact appearance won great praise among customers. We have detailed industrial submersible water pump catalog and our personnel is waiting all the time for resolving your problems.

industrial electric pump for sale
industrial electric water pumps

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Submersible Industrial Water Pump Prices

Industrial submersible water pump cost is different according to pump type and flow capacity etc. But as one of brilliant industrial pump suppliers, we regard quality as cornerstone and continuously perfect pumps performance. Low quality means higher industrial submersible water pump cost in daily using. The cost of repairing and maintenance of pumps are relatively high, so the whole price of pumps are added. Besides, we have our own strong strength factory, therefore, the unnecessary disparity between suppliers and factories is largely saved. Apart from this, we provide the best industrial pump service and maintenance as well as repairing fee in the first year is omitted.

submersible industrial water pumps for sale
industrial electric water pumps testing machine

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Submersible Industrial Water Pump Manufacturers

There are many industrial submersible water pump suppliers around the world because of large demand. But compared with others, we have our own irreplaceable advantages. Since foundation, APK has always put quality as the most important thing and thus won wide praise among customers. On account of customers using experience, we exert to improve performance of our industrial submersible pump. Therefore, we use our testing machine to test each of our pumps and any defectives must be sent back for reproducing. Apart from this, we will constantly monitor all of our pumps. Once they are sold, we will get in touch with customers frequently if they will and help resolve all questions about pumps.

industrial submersible water pumps suppliers
submersible industrial centrifugal water pumps

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Industrial Submersible Water Pump System

Industrial centrifugal water pumps are famous for their impellers. While motor is operating, rapidly rotated impellers bring water flow according to centrifugal force. And then they are pumped out. As industrial electric water pump must be used underwater, the whole pump body is linked together. Oil filled submersible motor and water cooler submersible motor are frequently used. Oil filled motor is suitable to be used in winter or low temperature areas, while water filled motor should be used for high water quality requirement places. Besides, for creating a safe working condition, we installed overheating protection equipment inside pumps to protect pump motor.

industrial centrifugal water pumps suppliers
submersible centrifugal water pumps for sale

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Industrial Submersible Water Pump Solution

As the expansion of our company scale, APK is trying hard to perfect selling system and is gradually stepping to create high-end brand. We are on our way to approach offering customized service. Because of different using condition and complicated actual using phenomenon, universal type of industrial electric water pump is hard to meet all the needs. Therefore, according to different situations of customers, we provide pertinence solutions. Pumps detail will be changed for larger flow capacity and higher head. Of course, other solutions will be provided for maintenance and using of our industrial dewatering pumps.

submersible industrial water pumps
industrial water pumps parts

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Industrial Submersible Water Pump Capacity

Different using condition requires different pump capacity. Compared with other daily use pumps, industrial water pump capacity is relatively large. Therefore, the diameter of pumps and inlet as well as outlet are designed larger. Apart from this, we have axial flow submersible pumps and mixed flow submersible pumps. They are more suitable to be used for mining area. The numbers of impellers also closely related to capacity of pumps, when larger capacity is required, we will design our industrial well pump into multistage type.

industrial submersible water pumps for sale
industrial water pumps manufacturers

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Industrial Submersible Water Pump Industry

As the growing prosperous of industrial pump market, more and more industrial pump industry grows accordingly. When facing so many industrial submersible pump brands, customers should bear in mind several tips on choosing suitable pump suppliers.

  1. The certification of industrial water pumps manufacturer is extremely vital. APK has achieved several national standard certification and for many times got “The Most Reliable Corporation” awards. In order to better carry on social responsibility, we actively respond to government orders and create environmental-friendly enterprises.
  2. Quality of industrial electric water pumps must be paid great attention. High quality actually means low unnecessary costs. All the industrial electric water pumps in APK must be strictly tested through testing machine. We have different types of testing devices for different function pumps and each device has reached nation B level standard. Different from other industrial pump suppliers, we stick to test each of our pump and most of our pumps show perfect performance in testing process.
industrial submersible pumps
industrial submersible water pumps company

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Industrial Submersible Water Pump Parts

Submersible industrial centrifugal pumps consists of motor, inlet and outlet as well as impellers. We normally introduce submersible motor according to using conditions. If they are to be used in cold areas, we suggest oil filled submersible motor. While water cooler submersible motor is used in high water quality requirement places. Besides, we have great mechanical sealing device inside pumps, so our pumps are promised to have less leaking condition. Inlet is installed beneath pump body and is covered with filter. Detailed industrial pump pdf will be provided for you any time.

submersible industrial water pumps
industrial water pumps 1000gpm

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Submersible Industrial Water Pump Types

We provide many sorts of industrial centrifugal water pump for you. And each of them have their special using conditions. We have industrial marine pumps, 2 inch industrial submersible water pump, industrial vacuum pump and industrial chemical pumps. Apart from this, we are also constantly design new types of industrial pumps for meeting your needs. APK will always be on your help and any problems will be solved by our personnel.

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
200QJ32- 32 32 5.5 13.6 618 475 184 80
200QJ32-32/2 48 7.5 18 648 593 96
200QJ32-32/2 64 10 24.7 673 891 110
200QJ32-32/2 80 13 29.7 703 1009 137
200QJ32-32/2 96 15 33.9 876 1127 165
200QJ32-32/2 112 18.5 41.6 926 1245 188
200QJ32-32/2 128 22 48.2 1177 1363 241
200QJ32-32/2 144 22 48.2 1177 1481 253
200QJ32-32/2 160 25 54.5 1237 1619 277
200QJ32-32/2 176 30 65.4 1317 1737 304
200QJ32-32/2 192 37 65.4 1317 1855 316
200QJ32-32/2 208 37 79.7 1452 1973 350
200QJ32-32/2 224 37 79.7 1452 2091 362
200QJ32-32/2 240 45 79.7 1452 2209 374
200QJ32-32/2 256 45 96.9 1573 2327 402
200QJ32-32/2 272 45 96.9 1573 2445 414
200QJ32-32/2 288 96.9 1573 2563 426


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Submersible Industrial Pump Service

  • Personnel waiting all the time for resolving all your problems
  • Professional staff install and repair industrial submersible water pumps for you for free in a year
  • Welcome anytime to come to visit our factory
  • Customized pumps provided for you

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