dewatering submersible pumps

Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Sometimes water on the ground is hard to be drained, and submersible dewatering pumps can perfectly solve this problem. APK, as a leader of submersible pump manufacturer, installs diversion sleeve together with valve at the bottom of pump body. Bottom suction type better helps pump ground water. Therefore, submersible dewatering pumps can be widely used in basement water drainage, industrial water discharge, farm land irrigation, garden watering and living waster water drainage etc.

dewatering submersible pumps
submersible dewatering pumps for sale
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-2500m³/h;

Head Range: 15-600m;

Well Diameter: φ175-800mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Two main kinds are used as submersible dewatering pumps, bottom suction type and sewage pump. One is used to drainage clean water or light corrosive water, while the other is used to drainage waste water.
Both of the two types add filter on the inlet, so that water can be pumped more easily into pump body.


  • Full lift structure
  • High head and high flow
  • New floating type, no axial force pressure
  • High strength sand resistance, wear resistance impellers and diversion sleeve
  • Universal size of pump body and motor, be able to change casually
  • Pressure balance film installed, depth of immersion being less than 120m
  • Adopting advanced and energy saving lost foam casting technology
bottom suction submersible pumps
Dewatering submersible pump price

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Dewatering Submersible Pumps For Sale

Two kinds of dewatering pumps for sale now in APK, the first kind is used for clean water such as our bottom suction submersible pumps, second is used for sewage water.
Dewatering pump price is relatively reasonable in our company. For bottom suction submersible pumps, we choose iron as pump casting and HT200 as main material. HT200 is famous for its hardness, so our pumps can be well wear resistance and thus have long service life, which means low cost can be spent on pump repairing.
Besides, dewatering submersible pumps in APK are designed as vertical type, so there is no need to build another pump station. They can save large parts of space and cost.

bottom suction submersible pump for sale
Large dewatering submersible pump

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Dewatering System Design

  • For Bottom Suction Pump

Bottom suction submersible pump is consists of four main parts. Inlet is designed at the bottom of pump, bottom valve can be added if required. Large quantity of water can be flowed in with diversion sleeve installed inside. Flange links two parts of pump body together and no water can be leaked out. Submersible motors keep pump working underwater for relatively long period of time. Small outlet links with outlet pipe.
Special design of bottom suction pump makes water on the ground clean, and at the same time ensures dissipation of submersible motor.

submersible dewatering pumps
Dewatering submersible water pump

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  • For Sewage Water Pump

WQX series sewage water pump also consists of four parts. Inlet is designed the same as bottom suction type. Submersible three phase motor is installed above, ensuring pump to be worked both underground and on the ground. Multistage impellers bring high head and waterproof wire is installed outside to resist hot water corrosion.

submersible dewatering pump manufacturer
Submersible dewatering pumps for sale

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Submersible Dewatering Pumps Manufacturers

There are many kinds of dewatering companies now around the whole world. When choosing suitable suppliers, several factors need to consider.

    1.Qualification of Dewatering Companies.

Submersible pump companies should at first be qualified, then quality of products can be guaranteed. In 2002, APK gained qualification of ISO9001. And for many times being praised as “A Level Enterprise of Credit”.

    2.Producing Skills and Technology

High technology and producing skills means more comfortable using experience. A submersible pump manufacturer with advanced skills will pay more attention on improving performance of products. APK, since foundation, has always been learning from others and making our pumps easier to be operated and maintained. Dewatering pumps in our company usually have longer service life.

dewatering submersible pump suppliers
Submersible dewatering pump manufacturer

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    3.After Sale Service

After buying a suitable pump, transportation, repairing and maintenance are also very important. As a responsible supplier, after sale system must be very mature, so that pumps can be well protected and worked.

    After Sale in APK

  • Careful package and responsible transportation
  • Personnel waiting 24 hours online for your questions
  • Professional installation instruction
  • Long repairing and maintenance guaranteed
  • Comprehensive problem resolving

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