Iceland 800m3/h 940m3/h 1000m3/h 1200m3/h seafood submersible pump

Iceland seafood factory is mainly engaged in the sea water aquiculture

In August 2017, Iceland customer ordered firstly.

Q=800m3/h H=16m 2 set , SS316           Q=940m3/h H=16m 2 set , SS316

800m3/h 940m3/h submersible water pump

Q=1000m3/h H=16m , 2 set, duplex stainless steel

1000m3/h 16m submersible water pump

Q=1200m3/h H=18m , 2 set , SS316L

1200m3/h 18m SS316L submersible water pump

Control panel with ABB frequency converter, could drive by computer

Now the submersible pumps have already been well completely installed and officially put into use. Our Iceland customers are very satisfied with the products and services of APK. 
APK will work closely with you to achieve the perfect customization of each crane to ensure that each lifting solution can meet your lifting needs properly . 

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