Russia 123m3/h 22m 10 inch submersible water pump

With the development of the business, Russia has been our export main water pump marketing. Distributors, trading company and end users, 
The detailed service concept ensures the high level of availabilityof the good quality pumping clean water equipment. Detailed understanding of the customer’s actual situation and requirements, we recommend the SS304 deep well submersible pump .

On  July 17th, 2020, APK signed one sets of 250QJH123-22-13kw(Q=123m3/h, H=22m), SS304, with Russia customers. We also send manual with pump to instruct customer how to use and install pump correctly, also with Youtube video.
“when we need more water pumps , we are glad to choose APK for cooperation “, she says . 

In the past years , APK get more and more orders from Russian market and gained more and more praise and good reputation . APK will provide customer most safety reliable, and high efficiency materials and high quality products .

Netherlands 300m3/h 25m submersible water pump

Stainless steel material is mainly used for corrosive medium, such as sea water, salt water. However, for pumping clean water, corrosive resistant than cast iron submersible water pump, we also choose stainless steel material. Submersible water pump stainless steel materials have SS304 , SS316, SS316L, Duplex stainless, SS904L.

Netherlands customer is a trading company, we received his inquiry on November 21,2019, after months of effort, confirm end user’s local site, design project, choose one suitable pump model, we signed. But the corona virus, the order delayed. 

On June 12th, 2020, with 10 working days production, Now the 300m3/h 25m 12 inch submersible water pump have already been well completely installed and officially put into use. Our Netherlands  importer customers are very satisfied with the products and services of APK.

APK will work closely with you to achieve the perfect customization of each pump to ensure that each model can meet your local needs properly . 
If you have any questions about pump business, feel free to contact us at

Cyprus 5m3/h 120m 10hp bottom suction submersible pump

Cyprus customer is an enginner, working on mine company. His company want to a high head submersible water pump for drawing dirty water, vertical install with submerged water motor.

Finally, we chose 120m high head bottom suction submersible sewage pump according to his local site. Why is the pump material stainless steel? We choose two types, one is cast iron material, the other is stainless steel.

Although the water is not corrosive, stainless steel submersible pump has longer service life, not rubsty. Therefore, stainless steel 304 could meet his requirements.

APK will be chosen by more and more clients. We will provide our most reliable and efficient material WATER PUMPS of great quality to our clients as we always do.

Vietnam 160m3/h 75m 75hp submersible water pump

Indonesia Construct Company is a major engineering company in Ho Chi Minh City city. It is a professional solution provider for design, research and maintenance&fixed water treatment equipment.

After months of efforts, APK won this project in April, 2020 with excellent proposal and qualified service. Two sets of 160m3/h QJ series deep well submersible pumps were exported to their site for lifting water.


Water treatment business has always been one of our main target areas. We have rich experience in the field, which enable us to satisfy our clients with professional proposals. No matter what procedure to apply, we can improve the production efficiency for our clients. 
Indonesia Construct Company is very satisfied with products of APK. This relationship will be a long term one. 
Along with the market expansion in Asia, APK will be chosen by more and more clients. We will provide our most reliable and efficient water pumps solutions and products of great quality to our clients as we always do. 

Algeria 200m3/h 70m A05 submersible water pump

In August 2, we received his inquiry about water pump for drawing waste water. According to local site, we changed water sewage pump material with customers all the time, finally, we choose high chromium alloy material to meet his demand.

APK pump factory submersible sewage pump materials have cast iron/SS304/SS316/SS316L and high chromium alloy to choose. Whatever any customers has demand , APK will continue to provide clients with the most safe and reliable, efficient and reasonable material handling solutions and high quality submersible pumps and thoughtful service.

Tanzania 1000m3/h 10m river water submersible pump

June 6, 2020, we reveived Tanzania customer inquiry about water pump drawing river water. It is a government project, which require APK pump factory to meet his demand strictly, such as deliver time, pump shape, of course, pump quality. Tanzania customer pump specifications: 1000 cubic meters per hour, 9-12 meters head, pumping river with medium, not clean water, driven by diesel genetor. With 2 months communications, we comfirmed the project design submersible pumps model according to customer’s local site

Finally, we chose 1000m3/h 10m 25kw river high flow submersible water pump. Advantages: 1. Permanent motor, high efficiency; compared with equal 25kw motor power, small size, little space. 2. Impeller material: tungsten plating, wear-resistance, high hardness 3. Larger filters gap: river water with foreign substance, high flow, high efficiency. 4. Pump set material: stainless steel 304, longer service life. 

Now, pump was deliveried on time by sea, we also got the highly recognize and praise from our customer. APK will continue to provide the most safety, reliable, and efficient project design and high quality products.

Iceland 800m3/h 940m3/h 1000m3/h 1200m3/h seafood submersible pump

Iceland seafood factory is mainly engaged in the sea water aquiculture

In August 2017, Iceland customer ordered firstly.

Q=800m3/h H=16m 2 set , SS316           Q=940m3/h H=16m 2 set , SS316

800m3/h 940m3/h submersible water pump

Q=1000m3/h H=16m , 2 set, duplex stainless steel

1000m3/h 16m submersible water pump

Q=1200m3/h H=18m , 2 set , SS316L

1200m3/h 18m SS316L submersible water pump

Control panel with ABB frequency converter, could drive by computer

Now the submersible pumps have already been well completely installed and officially put into use. Our Iceland customers are very satisfied with the products and services of APK. 
APK will work closely with you to achieve the perfect customization of each crane to ensure that each lifting solution can meet your lifting needs properly . 

If you have any questions about lifting business, feel free to contact us at

Vietnam 300m3/h 10m 20hp SS304 submersible water pump

Vietnam Construction Machinery ordered 2 sets stainless steel 304 submersible water pump (Q=300m3/h, H=10m) from APK to replace the old submersible pumps on July 24, 2019.

At present, 2 sets 300m3/h 10m submersible pumps series have all been put into use. The pumps performed well and the customers are very satisfied. Customers recognizes APK’s business philosophy and values. So our future cooperation will be solid.

Please feel free to contact us at


300m3/h SS304 submersible water pump

Indonesia 300m3/h 60m SS316 440v submersible water pump

Indonesia Offshore Drilling Company is specializing in oil and gas division, three bases in Singapore, Indonesia,Saudi Arabia.
With the rapid growth of the business, to meet the increasing demand, drawing sea water need to be added in the platform, which used to lift the 300m3/h water to better improve the efficiency of production. 
Through overall and detailed communication, accordingly to client’s actual demands We recommend SS316 stainless steel submersible water pump to client. 
In April. 2019 , APK and  Indonesia Offshore Drilling Company reached cooperation and signed 1 set of SS316 submersible water pump.(Q=300m3/h, H=60m)
Numerous satisfied clients support APK tailor made solutions. Our experience in the sector allows us to drive our clients towards efficiency improvement whichever processes they are in. 
Indonesia customer is very satisfied with solution and products of APK, showing big interest to purchase other models of pumps to promote its production efficiency.
Adhering to the ” never sacrifice the future for short-term profit ” business philosophy, in recent years, successive orders throughout the Southeast Asia market , APK has won more and more customers’ high praise and good reputation in the region. APK will continuely provide customers with the most reliable and efficient materials handling solutions and high quality products.

Bahrain 160m3/h 30m 30hp SS904L water submersible pump

Bahrain Aquiculture International Corp. is the largest seafood facotry there. Main business for it is production of fish, prawns, crabs and shellfish aquaculture and other water bodies. 

SS304 SS316 SS316L or duplex stainless steel is a normal material in China, however, SS904L, a new stainless steel pump type.  After 5 months of effort, with the most suitable solutions, qualified products, excellent service and competitive price, the deal was closed between Bahrain sea-water   aquiculture  and APK. This order includes 2 sets of SS904L resistant corrosion submersible water pump.  
Bahrain A quiculture  International Corp. is very satisfied with the products and service of APK and they have shown tremendous interest in our other series pumps. The next cooperation is well expected . 
Along with the expansion of our business in Asia, APK will be chosen by more and more clients. APK will continue to provide customers with the most secure, reliable, efficient and reasonable material handling solutions and high quality products.

All submersible water pumps are packed by both shockproof and damp-proof in wooden case. Also, there is a pump instructions there.