10 Hp Water Submersible Pump

10hp submersible water pumps motor power also is 7.5kw. Submersible well pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible fountain pump, could be 7.5kw 10hp water pump. Detailed information will be list as below.

Pump diameter: 7 8 10 inch well submersible pump

Capacity range: 9-120m3/h

Head range: 16-140m

Motor power: 7.5kw 10hp submersible pump

Voltage: 380v/420v/660v/1140v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz/60hz

Material: Cast iron/Stainless steel

Install: Vertical

Protection class: IP 68

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10 hp submersible pump

Motor power:7.5 kw 10hp submersible pump

Flow rate: 10-85m3/h

Head range: 7-15m

Voltage: 380v/440v/660v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz 60hz

Temperature: < 40℃

Protection class: Ip68

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10 hp submersible pump

Motor power:7.5 kw 10hp submersible fountain pump

Flow rate: 10-250m3/h

Head range: 5-121m

Voltage: 380v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz 60hz

Temperature: < 80℃

Caliber: φ30-φ200mm

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10 hp Well Submersible Pump Price

10hp submersible well pump not only linked with electricity, but also linked with solar panel, common voltage is 380v or others, mainly used in farmland irrigation. Shenlong pump factory could manufacture submersible pumps linked with solar panel whatever motor power, but an inverter, conversing DC to AC. Not more than 18.5kw submersible water pump, linked with solar is more energy saving. Inverter, control panel, we also produce. More submersible well pumps series have been listed.

10 hp submersible pump

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10 hp Submersible Fountain Pump

Submersible water pump for fountain is usually used in farmland irrigation, fountain projects. 10 hp submersible well pump have to install vertically, submersible fountain pump could install vertical or horizontal according to your site. Detailed submersible fountain pump information please click submersible water pump for fountain, detailed page.

10hp submersible pump

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10 hp Submersible Pump for Sale

10 hp 7.5kw submersible pump price is depended on materials, parameters, quantity, etc. Stainless steel submersible pump is more expensive than 10 hp cast iron submersible pump. Large capacity high head is more expensive than small flow. A batch of 10 hp submersible pump is cheaper than one piece. According your requirements, Shenlong pump teams will try our best to reduce raw material and labor cost, automatic production, strictly carrying out national standard to produce high quality submersible pumps.

10 hp submersible water pump

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10hp Well Submersible Pump Parameters:

It is one regular submersible pump type in Shenlong pump factory, stainless steel 304/316/316l/duplex stainless/904l and 380v/440v/480v/600v/660v pr another. Please kindly contact us.

DiameterModelMotor PowerMotor PowerFlow RangeHead Range
Inch(“)QJ(H) Serieskwhpm3/hm

Maybe there are many submersible water pumps suppliers in the world, agents, wholesaler, dealers, factories, etc. Shenlong pump factory only manufacture water submersible pumps since 1996, more than 23 years’ experience, operating college and  research institute, actively introduce advanced production technology.  If you do not have available submersible pump supplier or would like to change a supplier, please feel free to contact us. We could meet your demand!

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