3 phase submersible water pump

3 Phase Submersible Water Pump

Water is the main source of life, and transport water safely is a responsible for each submersible pump suppliers. With economic development and growing awareness of water source protection consciousness, 3 phase submersible water pump is widely used in many fields. Compared with single phase submersible pumps, 3 phase submersible pumps are normally used for mining or farmland irrigation, etc. APK always regards quality of products as primary thing in line and will offer you the most competitive 3 phase submersible pump prices.

3 phase water well pumps
3 phase monoblock pump
3 phase submersible water pump
3 phase submersible water pumps
three phase submersible pumps
three phase water pump
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3 phase submersible water pumps
three phase submersible pumps
three phase water pump
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-2500m³/h;

Head Range: 15-600m;

Well Diameter: φ50-600mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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  • Agricultural farmland irrigation
  • Industrial mining water supply
  • Sewage water transferred
  • Septic station pump use
  • Deep well water supply and drainage
  • Flood control and draught relief
  • Commercial water supply
  • Municipal water system


  • Long service life and high quality guaranteed
  • Low noise and energy saving
  • Advanced sealing system
  • Stable working condition
  • Space saving and cost saving
  • Smooth appearance and impact design
  • Environmental friendly
3 phase borewell submersible pumps price
3 phase well pumps

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3 Phase Submersible Water Pump Prices

3 phase submersible well pump is usually used non-domestically, and its shape requirements as well as head and flow capacity is relatively large. Numbers of impeller, head range and pump casting all influence 3 phase borewell submersible pumps price. Compared with others, we have own manufacturing workshop on providing customized products. Some vital factors such as quality and interior materials are guaranteed. Besides, disparity between supplier and enterprise is reduced, leading to cut down of purchasing price of pumps. When pump is broken in a year after buying, we offer free repair and maintenance service. Apart from this, our pumps are proved to work for more than ten years according to customers’ feedback.

3 phase submersible water pumps price
3 phase submersible water pumps

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3 Phase Submersible Water Pump For Sale

On account of wide range of applications, we provide many sorts of 3 phase water pump for sale. We have 3 phase irrigation water pumps, submersible dirty water pump, high head deep well submersible water pumps, single stage submersible pumps, multistage submersible water pumps, centrifugal water pumps and mixed flow submersible pumps, as well as axial flow submersible pumps. APK is a submersible pump manufacturer with national certifications, all products we sold are beyond national standard and got great praise among home and abroad.

three phase submersible water pumps
3 phase submersible water pumps

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3 Phase Submersible Water Pump Motor

3 phase submersible motor is connected directly with impeller part with a single shaft. For better protecting motor, air cooler type is discarded and APK chooses to use water cooler and oil filled type. Water cooler motor is able to stop pump from polluting water source, while oil filled motor fits winter or cold areas more. Both of motors can be chosen and are of high quality. For avoiding leakage, APK designed best sealing system and installed overheat alarm device inside pump. Once temperature of 3 phase pump motor reaches over restricted level, the device will stop motor from operating automatically.

3 phase water pumps
3 phase submersible water pumps protection sleeve

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3 Phase Submersible Water Pump Starter

Pump starter is used to switch on and off of submerged pumps. When pumps are working under water, controller is installed on the ground for manual control. 3 phase well pump control in APK is easy to install and operated. It equipped with attractive LED light for indication and can well prevent overload and overflow of pump. 3 phase water pump controller is widely used in agricultural, industrial and all sorts of residential situations. APK adopts the most advanced technology on controller and makes our 3 phase water pumps working in stable and safety condition.

three phase submersible pump price
three phase sewage water pumps

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Advantages of 3 Phase Submersible Water Pumps

  • Wide range of application. 3 phase submersible pump connects with high voltage and is suitable for large scale constructive use as well as municipal water transfer.
  • Safety working condition. Automatically prevents pumps from overloading, overheat and overflow. All sorts of protection devices equipped.
  • Well sealing system. Inside pump uses titanium sealing system and enables pump working continuously for over 8000 hours.
  • Energy saving. APK uses advanced hydraulic model with reasonable design, and equips pump with low power motor. Pump working noises reduced and pump performance improved to a large extent.
3 phase water pump for sale
3 phase water well pump producing machine

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3 Phase Submersible Water Pump Manufacturer

APK is a strong strength pump supplier in China and most of customers are willing to be our distributors for our high quality products. Based on the belief of quality oriented, all of our pumps need to be tested thoroughly for better performance. APK changed manual labor to mechanical producing line and greatly improved producing efficiency. Apart from reliable products, we have intimate service system for providing best purchasing feelings.

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After sale services

  1. Professional staff introduces suitable products on the basis of actual using condition.
  2. Quick response and awesome service attitude, able to solve all problems patiently.
  3. Professional staff helps install pumps and offer detailed maintenance suggestions.
  4. Free maintain and repair service in a year.
  5. Reliable purchasing method and transport guaranteed.
three phase water pumps manufacturer
3 phase submersible water pumps testing

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In order to protect pumps, protecting sleeve is covered outside pump body before it gets into well. As a professional 3 phase submersible water pump manufacturer, we exert to stand on the view of customers and provide best products for you. So if you have any intention on our products or our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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