Peru CDLF4-120 CDLF4-180 CDLF8-160 multistage vertical water pump

 The Peru customer is doing projects for his local government. 6 pieces 3450rpm vertical multistage water pumps for high building pressure with best price. 

CDLF4-120, 4m3/h 120m 3kw. SS304, 2 sets

CDLF4-180, 4m3/h 180m 4kw, SS304, 2 sets

CDLF8-160, 8m3/h 160m 7.5kw 10hp, SS304, 2 sets

Now the water pumps have already been well completely installed and officially put into use. Our Peru customers are very satisfied with the products and services of APK. The new order pump is manufacturing.
APK will work closely with you to achieve the perfect customization of each pump to ensure that each water pump can meet your drawing water needs properly . If you have any questions about water treatment business, feel free to contact us.