submersible water cooler pumps for sale

Water Cooler Pump Submersible

Equipped with water cooler motors, water cooler pump submersible is able to work under water for quite a long time. Water serves as fuel to cool down the overheat motor when it is working. As only clean water is filled inside pump, water cooler pump submersible is widely used for high water quality requirement places. As a professional water cooler pump submersible manufacturer, we exert to only produce the best water cooling pump for you.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-250mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Water cooler submersible pumps can be widely used for residential water supply and drainage, agricultural farmland irrigation, industrial mining dewatering use, municipal water supply, river draining, flood control and drought relief, pump station use etc.


  • Long service life and stable working condition
  • Low noise and good sealing system
  • Space saving and cost saving
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • All sorts of types to meet demand
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly
  • Reliable performance
submersible water cooler pumps for sale
water cooler pumps submersible

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Water Cooler Pump Submersible System

The whole pump body is linked together and motor is normally installed beneath impellers. Before operating, pump motor must be filled with clean water. In water cooling system, the most vital parts are stator and submersible pump winding. Differs from other water cooler pump submersible suppliers, we use stamping machine together with our unique technique to make stator smooth and flat. As mechanical producing line tends to be more mature in APK, more manual labor can be freed to help do the winding job. And thus the quality of our pumps can be largely improved.

water cooler pump submersible price
submersible water filled pumps for sale

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Water Cooler Pump Submersible Price

Price of submersible water cooler pumps vary according to their motor power and speed, as well as pump casting. However, high quality is definitely refers to low cost for customers. Once the pump frequently breaks, customers have to bear the cost of repairing and replacing. Rely on feedback of our customers, our pumps are proved to have longer service life than others and thus won great praise among our clients. Therefore, our cooler water pump price is far more competitive. Besides, we have our own strong strength factory, the disparity between manufacturer and factory is saved. As a responsible submersible water cooler pump supplier, we always produce pumps from the view of our customers. Our personnel will wait all the time for introducing the most suitable pumps and offering detailed water cooler submersible pump price list.

submersible water cooler pump for sale
water cooler pump submersible manufacturer

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Oil Filled vs Water Filled Submersible Pumps

Two kinds of motors can be equipped when pump needs to work under water for relatively long time, one is oil filled submersible pumps while the other being water cooler pump submersible. As oil needs to be filled inside motor, once the pump leaks, oil will flow out and greatly damage the water source. On the contrary, clean water flows out even if leakage happens on water filled submersible pump. Therefore, we normally suggest water cooler submersible pumps be used when transferred liquid quality is highly required. Apart from this, oil filled submersible pumps are more suitable to be used in winter or cold areas, because water inside motor may easily get frozen of water cooler pumps. Thus both of them have their irreplaceable strength, and our personnel will introduce the suitable one for you according to your actual using condition.

water cooler pumps submersible
stainless steel water cooler pump submersible parts

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Water Cooler Pump Submersible For Sale

As water filled submersible pumps can be used widely, in order to meet various using situations, we design our pumps into different types. Normally we have cast iron type and stainless steel type. Cast iron type is excellent in wear resistant, we spread twp sorts of paint outside pump body to slow down its corrosion. The other type is stainless steel one, it is covered with stainless steel from inside to outside, therefore, the whole pump is able to resist corrosion. For meeting some customers’ demands, we also design a new type of pumps. The inside body is made by iron, while the covered part is of stainless steel. It combines the strength of the two types and makes our pumps more attractive in appearance and at the same time guarantees long service life.

submersible water cooler pumps manufacturer
water cooler pump submersible parts

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Water Cooler Pump Submersible Maintenance

The noticeable part of using water filled submersible pumps is to prevent pump from being frozen. In winter or relatively cold area, water inside motor needs to flow out and customers should keep the whole pump dry when it kept unused for a long time. On account of this, we specially design our pumps easy to be operated. Besides, in order to prevent corrosion, we spread surface paint and corrosive resistance paint outside pump. Customers need only clean pump up when it kept unused. Apart from this, stable working condition influences pump’s service life to a large extent. Our water cooler submersible pump uses modern hydraulic model experiments and excellent sealing system, therefore, the maintenance costs for customers are largely saved.

submersible water cooler pumps supplier
water filled submersible pumps for sale

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Water Cooler Pump Submersible Manufacturer

Submersible water cooler pumps are widely used for all sorts of using conditions. In order to meet customers’ requirements, APK, as a professional water cooler pump submersible supplier, provides various types of high quality water filled pumps with competitive price. Since foundation, we always regard quality and customers’ using experiences as primary things. Our staffs will be sent frequently for absorbing new and modern technology, and we will test each of our pumps strictly so as to guarantee the quality of each pump. Besides, we are stepping to offer customized service and exerting to bring you the most comfortable purchasing experience.

submersible water filled pumps price
water cooler pump submersible testing

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As a best water cooler pump submersible manufacturer, we will provide you with the highest quality water filled submersible pump and motor. And our water cooler pump noise can hardly be heard and we are exerting to be a responsible and environmental friendly enterprise. So if you have any intention on our products or our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Besides, we are always looking for good overboard distributors, please get in touch with us if you want.


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