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High Lift Submersible Pump

High lift submersible pump can be widely used for agricultural farmland irrigation, industrial water supply, domestic drinking water supply and fishing industry water transfer etc. When working, whole pump body must be immersed totally under water. High lift submersible water pump usually means the flow rate of it is relatively low. All sorts of high lift pumps specifications are for hot sale in our company, we have detailed price and information on products. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, quality of each products are guaranteed. If you are interested in it, please contact us soon and we will give detailed introduction to you.

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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 141mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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  1. Long service life
  2. Whole head design
  3. Impact shape and smooth hydraulic system
  4. Low energy consuming
  5. Space saving and low working noisy
  6. Easy to be installed and maintained
  7. Environmental friendly

Using Conditions

Clean water or oil must be added before using
Immersion depth of water should be no less than 0.5m
PH level of water: 6.5-8.5
Pump should be connected with three phase power supply
Temperature of water transferred should be less than 35 ℃

high lift submersible pump price
high lift submersible pumpsfor sale

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High Lift Submersible Pump Specifications

All together two kinds of pumps types are for hot sale in our company. According to pump castings, they are divided into stainless steel type and cast iron type. Stainless steel type is a relatively newly model, it is popular praised for its corrosion resistance performance. When transferring clean drinking water, the special casting enables water source being protected from corrosion. On the other hand, cast iron high lift pump is a classic type. Because of its hardness and wear resistance, it is widely used by people from all over the world.
With development of technology and broaden of customers’ demands, we produced newly designed pump. It is covered with stainless steel material outside, while keeping iron cast inside pump body. Therefore, compared with cast iron type, it looks more attractive.

high lift submersible pump price
high lift submersible pump

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High Lift Submersible Pump Price

The crux factor on deciding pump price lies in its producing costs. Small company needs to find cooperate producing factory, then selling procedure is added and producing costs are doubled accordingly. Therefore, we simplify the steps and produce pumps all by our own strong strength factory. Along with advanced producing technology, our working efficiency is largely improved. Another reason for our reasonable high lift pump price is for its long service life. With excellent performance of internal materials, our pumps are able to work for more than ten years according to customers’ feedback. Compared with weak quality pumps, buying good quality pumps of our company is a wise investment for customers.

high lift submersible pump price
high lift submersible pump parts

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China High Lift Submersible Pump Factory

APK pump factory owns more than thirty years pumps producing experience, for many times, we are regarded as the national designated products used for National Flood and Disaster Control or big occasions such as Olympic Games. Instead of total manual labor produce, we are now developing mechanical producing system. Compared with the past, our producing efficiency is largely improved. With continuously innovation spirit, we designed and produced many sorts of newly type pumps and they are proved to have excellent working performance in their service time. As an experienced pump factory, we master three casting techniques skillfully. Each single pump needs to be tested through professional testing machine, thus quality of our pumps are guaranteed.

high lift submersible pump manufacturer
high lift submersible pump factory

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High Lift Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Apart from premium quality products and modern produce technology, we are also famous for our strict monitoring and strictly testing system. In each produce procedure, we will have professional staff test performance of each part, if any defective occurs, we would send them back for reproducing. Based on our habitual excellent quality level, our products are regarded as model on formulating national standard of pump industry in China. Spread on each corner of China, our branches are all exerting to offer best service for customers. In order to better serve overboard customers, we are for long time looking for good cooperators to be our distributors or agents. If you have intention, read our distributor requirements carefully and leave your detailed information, we will contact you soon.

high lift submersible water pump manufacturer
high lift submersible pump

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Our Services:

  1. 24 hours problems resolved and products introduction
  2. Free visit to our factory and company any time
  3. Customized service
  4. Free maintain and repair in limited time
  5. Appointed delivery time
  6. Ample storage for urgent demand

Being the most responsible submersible pumps manufacturer, we exert to provide you with the best purchasing experience. If you have any intention on our products or our company, please feel free to leave me your message below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!!



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