submersible water pumps for Kenya

DC40V Solar Pump In Kenya

Last week, we warmly welcomed our clients from Kenya, they came to pay a visit to our factory. When they got into factory, they were shocked by the scale of our factory. Then they look the whole running process of our solar pumps. “These pumps are excellent, and i am really amazed at your factory strength, I believe we may become long-term cooperator soon if have opportunity.” Said by Kenya customers.

submersible solar pumps for Kenya
Kenya submersible solar pumps

Apart from solar pumps, he is also interested in other pumps produced by our factory. Ms Huang warmly introduced our others pumps for them. “We have been cooperating with many clients in Kenya for a long time, and the experience is always pleasant to both parties,” Ms Huang told them. And at the last of their visits, they were extremely satisfied with our factory and our company, “I really hope we can make cooperation with you,” the clients told us sincerely.

Kenya submersible pumps
Kenya customers visiting our factory

APK is a professional submersible pumps manufacturer and famous China submersible pumps brand, we welcome people from all around the world to have a close cooperation with us. We promise to give you the most qualified pumps in the most competitive price. And we welcome you to have a visit to our strong strength factory anytime.


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