deep well submersible pumps

Deep Well Submersible Pumps In North Korea

Good news!! QJ series deep well submersible pumps have been sent to North Korea in 2015, they are ready to make great contribution on creating perfect life of North Korean.

deep well submersible pumps
Deep well submersible pumps been produced

After getting the order, we produced our pumps in limited time, as mechanical producing line is formed in our factory, the producing efficiency is largely improved, and we pay large amount of time in testing and pay great attention on products quality. Our producing, deep well pumps are sent to storage house, waiting to be sent out. Besides the numbers that need to be sent away, we also make more deep well submersible pumps and put them in store house for urgent needs. Then those pumps were packed by wooden box. Finally, those pumps were sent to North Korea safely and the clients are very satisfied with our products.

North Korea deep well submersible pumps
Well packed deep well submersible pumps

QJ series submersible pumps are widely used in deep well and other industrial or agricultural use. Their impact shape and delicate design makes pumping and draining water much easier, largely improved living standard of people.

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