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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps

Unlike outdoor fountain pumps, indoor water fountain pumps are designed small for domestic use. When pumps are used under water, safety is the key factor for considering. Therefore, when buying indoor water fountain pumps, customers must pick good quality one. Facing so many indoor fountain pumps suppliers, APK will be your best choice. We offer you the best products in most competitive price, all sorts of small fountain pumps specifications provided are sure to fit your demands. We also offer customized service for special using conditions. On producing submersible pumps, APK is the most professional one.

indoor water fountain
submersible indoor fountain pumps
stainless steel fountain pump
indoor stainless steel pump
stainless steel fountain pump
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indoor stainless steel pump
stainless steel fountain pump
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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Using Conditions

  • Voltage should be 380V, frequency should be 50Hz
  • Clean water must be filled into motor
  • Distance between bottom of motor and well should be no less than 3m
  • PH level of water: 6.5-8.5
  • Hydrogen sulfide content of water: ≤1.5mg/L
  • Ammonia ion content of water: ≤400mg/L
  • Sediment content of water: ≤0.01%


  1. Domestic indoor fountain use
  2. Shallow well water drainage
  3. Agricultural farmland irrigation
  4. Fishing industry water use
  5. Live stock drinking water supply


  1. Long service life
  2. Low working noise and little energy consume
  3. Perfect hydraulic system
  4. Excellent sealing and casting system
  5. Impact shape, easy to install and replace
  6. Environmental friendly
indoor fountain pumps
indoor water fountain pumps

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps Specifications

Three types of indoor fountain pumps are sale now in APK, they are cast iron type, stainless steel type and half stainless steel type.
Cast iron fountain pumps cover two layers of corrosion resistance paintings. Inside pump body installs ball bearings. With strong hardness, cast iron type have longer service life than other types.
Stainless steel fountain pumps adopts stainless steel materials. Besides its good looking appearance, stainless steel casting is also famous for resisting corrosion. Therefore, they are able to transfer light corrosive liquid.
With hard cast iron body and stainless steel casting, half stainless steel type produced by our factory is becoming more and more popular. Apart from long service life, half stainless steel type looks much more attractive.

submersible indoor pumps
indoor water fountain pump

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps For Sale

All water fountains pumps sold by us are far beyond national standard and own longer service life. Because of their using conditions and applications, indoor water fountain pumps are normally QS series types. We install ball bearings instead of graphite bearings to ensure pumps being used vertically or horizontally. For higher head requirement, numbers of impellers are able to be changed accordingly. To guarantee quality and using experience, each single pump in our factory is tested strictly. And any defective must be sent for reproducing.

submersible indoor fountain pumps
stainless steel indoor water fountain pumps

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps Price

Most customers want to buy cheap fountain pumps to save money. However, cheap products never means saving money. When buying weak fountain pump, customers may more money in repairing and maintaining. Therefore, in order to save money, you must pay attention on cost-effective products. As is known to all, APK pump is widely praised for its reasonable price. Service life of each pump is as long as ten years, and it does not need any repairing in whole life time. With our own producing factory, all costs are controlled totally by ourselves and no unnecessary fee is charged. And that is exactly why our price are the most competitive.

indoor water fountain company
indoor water fountain pumps factory

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps Motors

Motor is an important part in driving all other parts working. Safety is extremely important, in order to protect motor, we install over heat and over flow devices inside motor, they are able to stop pump from working automatically when it passes limited level. For oil filled submersible motor, leaking oil may pollute water source to large extent. Therefore, we equip impact oil chamber sealing system. Small horsepower motor is able to fit indoor use. Water cooler motor and oil filled motor in our company are both able to save energy and power consumption.

indoor fountain pumps
new designed indoor water fountain pumps

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps Kit

Apart from pump motor, other pump accessories are also important in whole pump function. When pumps are working underwater, rapid rotated impeller brings water move accordingly and give water large force to push out of pumps body. Stator of high conductivity ensures good working performance. Our mechanical producing stators are more smooth and accurate than traditional products. National standard copper wire and manometry enables long service life. All internal materials we chose are the most cost-effective one.

submersible indoor fountain pumps
indoor fountain pumps producing

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps Online

Where to buy indoor water fountain pump? Most customers have trouble in this. Perhaps APK pump store will help you a lot. Unlike physical store, online shopping is closely related to transportation and company qualification.
Our products are guaranteed to be sent out in 48 hours, with our large mechanical producing line, each pump will be finished in high quality level in restricted delivery time. If in urgent need, we have ample storage and are able to be sent out at once.
For qualification, APK is the leading brand in China submersible pumps industry. Marketing using rate reaches more than 70% in China only. We are praised many times as designated products to be used by National Water Conservancy Bureau. When buying pumps online, APK is the most reliable brand.

submersible indoor water fountain pumps
ODM indoor fountain pumps

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Indoor Water Fountain Pumps Manufacturers

Factory scale and producing scale reflects the strength of a company. If lack of factory, pumps suppliers have to find cooperate factory to supply pumps for them, in this process, middle costs are produced and thus pumps price is added accordingly. However, APK submersible pumps manufacturer has its own producing factory, and is able to produce large horsepower pumps by ourselves. Since 1986, APK factory produce pumps for more than 8000 a month and are all sold out immediately. We have the capacity to produce pumps range from 2.2 kw to 410 kw in high quality level. All the pumps are beyond national standard and tested by testing machine.

indoor water fountain pumps
small indoor fountain pumps

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After sale Service

1.Customized service
2.Free factory and company visit any time
3.Detailed introduction on products
4.All pumps problems resolved
5.Free installation and repairing in limited time


Besides, in order to offer thoughtful service for customers, we are looking for small fountain water pumps distributors for long period of time, contact us if you have intention. On choosing submersible pumps, we are able to offer you with the most professional suggestions, if you have intention, please leave your detailed information below and we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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