submersible 12" water pumps for sale

12 Inch Submersible Water Well Pumps

Submersible water well pumps are used in wells. As well diameter must be larger than pump diameter, our borehole water pumps are divided into 7 inch submersible water well pumps, 8 inch submersible borewell pumps, 10 inch borehole submersible pumps, 12 inch submersible pumps and 14 inch, 16 inch as well as 18 inch submersible well water pumps. As a professional 12” submersible pumps manufacturer, we provide highest quality and intimate service for you. Detailed 12 inch submersible water well pumps price list will be given if needed.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 186-540m³/h;

Head Range: 14-138m;

Motor power: 18.5kw-220kw

Voltage: 380v/420v/660v/1140v or As per request

Material: Cast iron or Stainless steel

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12” submersible water well pumps can be widely used for agricultural farmland irrigation, industrial water supply and drainage, mining dewatering use, residential water supply, hot water transport for boiler water, construction water use etc.

Using Condition

  • Clean water must be filled before operating
  • Voltage should be 380v
  • Distance between well bottom and motor bottom should be no more than 3m
  • PH level of water among 6.5-8.5
  • Hydrogen sulfide content should be less tan 1.5mg/L
  • Chloride content should be no more than 400mg/L



  • Low noise and high quality
  • Long service life
  • Space saving and cost saving
  • Environmental friendly
  • Impact appearance and simple design
  • Easy to operate and master
  • Easy to be repaired and replaced
submersible 12'' pumps for sale
12 inch submersible well water pumps

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12 Inch Submersible Water Well Pumps For Sale

APK is a professional submersible water pumps suppliers, in order to satisfy all the needs of our customers, we provide all kinds of 12 inch submersible well water pumps. They include pump shell type and diversion shell type. Besides, we also have cast iron type and stainless steel type according to casting. Based on different using condition, special accessories will be added. Therefore, when ordering our 12″ submersible water pumps, detailed usage would be taken into great consideration.

submersible 12 inch borehole water pumps price
12″ submersible water well pumps making

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12 Inch Submersible Water Well Pumps Price

12″ submersible water pumps have different specifications and each of them points to different price. Compared with other 12 inch submersible pumps suppliers, we promise to offer the most competitive price to you. Different from others, we have our own factory and is famous for our strong strength. Our factory produce our own 12″ submersible water pumps, therefore, we greatly reduced the unnecessary cost such as transportation cost, additional producing cost and outsourcing fee etc. Then we can use spared fees on choosing high quality products. In conclusion, 12 inch submersible water well pumps price will be much more cost effective than others. Besides, as we produce many kinds of pumps, 12 inch submersible water well pumps price list will also be provided if need.

12" submersible borehole water pumps price list
submersible 12 inch water pumps well

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12 Inch Submersible Water Well Pumps Quality

As 12″ submersible pumps are working under water especially under deep well, safety of pumps when working is quite important. Since producing, we put 12” submersible well pumps quality on the most vital position. We choose the highest quality accessories and the most advanced technology. Apart from paying great attention on each step of producing, we also have several testing machine to monitor performance of each pumps. When our pumps are sold, we will still keep in touch with customers to know more about using experience. Then according to feedback, we continuously perfect our pumps for better operating and using.

submersible 12" pumps for sale
borehole submersible 12 inch pumps

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12 Inch Submersible Water Well Pumps Suppliers

Larger inch of pumps usually point to larger flow capacity. Therefore, 12″ borehole water pumps are more suitable for industrial or mining water drainage, agricultural irrigation etc. Compared with others, we are more professional in producing large inch pumps and high flow pumps. Apart from high quality products, we also provide the most intimate after sale service and intimate online service for you. Any problems about our products and our company will be solved by our personnel soon. Therefore, if you have intention, be free to leave your message and questions here. We will contact you as soon as possible!


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