14 hp pumps for sale

14 hp Submersible Well Pump

Do you own a well for drinking or farmland irrigation? Do you need an excellent well pump to be you help? Finding a top rated submersible pumps brand is important and perhaps APK will be your best choice. For choosing well pump, we strongly suggest you 14 hp submersible well pump. With impact design and delicate hydraulic performance, 14 hp submersible well pump always shows its long service life and smooth working condition. Variety of 14 hp well pump specifications will meet all your demands. More reasonable and competitive price list can be found in our company.

14 hp submersible well pumps
14 hp pumps for sale
14 hp submersible pumps brand
14 hp pump brand
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14 hp pump brand
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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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  • Human and live stock drinking water supply
  • Industrial water drainage
  • Farmland irrigation and sprinkler
  • Fishing industry water transfer
  • Municipal water use
  • Flood control and draught resistance


  • Low noisy and stable working condition
  • Long service life
  • Excellent sealing system
  • Low energy consuming
  • Space save
  • Environmental friendly
  • Long continuous dry turn
14 hp pump
14 hp submersible well pump

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Prices

As a frequently used pump, 14 hp submersible well pump prices have always been hot issue. Apart from high quality, primary reason for winning our frequent customers lies in our price. Our well pump prices are the most competitive, but not the cheapest. We all know that cheap weak pump means low service life and customers need to replace another fresh pump after one or two years. However, according to feedback of our clients, our pumps are able to be used for more than ten years and are still in excellent performance. Thanks to our producing factory, we are able to control whole costs by ourselves and pay attention on using the most cost-effective materials. Therefore, price of our 14 hp well pumps are the most reasonable and competitive.

14 hp well pumps supplier
14 hp submersible well pumps for sale

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Specifications

Well pump, as name suggests, is normally used in well. However, the liquid situation below the well varies in actual using conditions. Because of complicated using conditions and applications, we produced all sorts of 14 hp submersible well pumps for choosing. When they are used to transfer clean water or drinking water, in order to protect water source and guarantee safety of drinking water, we suggest stainless steel submersible well pump for you. Cast iron pumps are able to be used in most industrial or farmland places for their hardness and wear resistance. Besides, head and flow rate varies according to numbers of impellers and design of inlet. Choosing APK pump and we will satisfy all your needs.

14 hp well submersible pumps
submersible 14 hp well pumps

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Motor

Unlike on-ground pumps, submersible pump motor is linked together with pump body vertically. When working, motor and pump body have to be immersed totally under water. Therefore, when motor is getting hot, water or oil will be filled in instead of air to cool down heated motor. In application, water cooler submersible motor should be used for transferring clean drinking water, but they are not suitable to be used in cold areas for fear of being frozen. On the other hand, oil from motor of oil filled type may pollute water source, but in cold areas, it is not easily get frozen. Both of two motors are in excellent sealing system and working conditions.

14 hp submersible well pump
submersible 14 hp pumps for sale

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Head

When water is thrown out by rotated impeller, it generates a kind of force, which is called head. Head requirements of well pump varies depend on actual using conditions. Normally, one stage of impeller refers to 20m, and head range of well pump is decided on numbers of impellers. High head means low flow rate, and it must be in accordance with well diameter and motor power. For high head pump, we strongly suggest large inch pumps been used for safety. To guarantee its smooth performance, we did many submersible pumps experiments in producing process and made brilliant hydraulic design. As best submersible pumps suppliers, we provide customized service for you to suit unique applications.

submersible 14 hp pumps
14 hp submersible well water pumps

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Which Well Pump Do I Need?

People may always get puzzle in choosing well pumps for themselves. Here, APK will give you some tips on how to select submersible well pumps.

First, diameter of well pumps must be in accordance with well diameter. If pump size is larger than well, it is hard for us to put pump in. In normal situations, we suggest pump size should be a lot more than well diameter, so that pump can be put and used beneath well safely. In pump installation process, we especially make protection cover to protect well from being collapse by hard well.

Secondly, head and flow rate should suit actual using conditions. Pump head lower or higher than required range will both make catastrophic damage to motors. And according to transferred medium, our staff will introduce the most suitable pumps for you. Therefore, if you still have questions on choosing pumps, our staff will be online in 24 hours for resolving your problems.

14 hp pump supplier
14 hp submersible well pumps price

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Reviews

Wherever water exists, water pump is used. Therefore, submersible pumps market has always been in hot demand. Facing so many submersible pumps suppliers, customers need to choose to best brand for long service life of products. Among submersible pumps industry, APK pump is on top rated and is frequently regarded as leader brand. Our pumps using rate in China only reaches more than 70%, and our pumps for many times have been regarded as National Designated Products in important occasions such as Olympic Games. When choosing submersible pumps brand, we are your most reliable partner and best choice.

submersible 14 hp pumps
14 hp submersible pumps manufacturer

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Cost to Replace 14 hp Submersible Well Pump

Different from on ground pump, submerged pumps connects motor and pump body together and work under water for long time. Therefore, when it gets broken and needs repairing, whole pump needs to be hanged up and disassembled. If local engineers are unable to solve the problem, customers need to pay large cost in sending original engineers come to repair. When pump is unable to be used anymore, customers need to buy a fresh new pump. In this process, large amount of money is spent out and is perhaps even more than original price of pump. In order to avoid the situation, customers need to pick the right submersible pumps supplier and get best quality pumps.

14 hp pumps for sale
14 hp submersible well pumps installation

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Cover

Two sorts of cover are frequently used in producing submersible well pumps. One is cast iron type, while the other is stainless steel type. Because of good-looking shape and corrosion resistance character, stainless steel type get favor from more and more people. However, hard cast iron type is still on hot demand. In order to avoid corrosion, we spread two layers of corrosion resistance paints inside and outside pump. Both two covers are tested strictly and enable long service life of pumps.

submersible well pumps cover
14 hp submersible well pumps factory

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Drainage

When pumps are connected to power supply, all internal materials get into working conditions. Because of rotated impeller, inside well formed unbalanced water pressure. Then transferred medium is forced to flow into pumps under great pressure. Inlet filter will help obligate solid or particles. When it gets near impeller part, rotated impeller gives medium large force and it is thrown outside far away from pump. The whole draining process ends until new round begins. Inside pumps body, centrifugal pumps impeller is installed.

14 hp pumps casting
14 hp submersible well pump casting

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14 hp Submersible Well Pump Manufacturers

In producing submersible pumps, APK has always been the most reliable and leading brand. We have our own strong strength factory to design and produce pumps for ourselves. During producing process, strictly testing system is interluded in each steps to guarantee quality. Our ample storage will fit your urgent needs. With qualification from National Water Conservancy Bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau, our factory will not stop working casually and delivery time is well guaranteed. Therefore, if you have any questions or intention on our products and our company, please leave me your detailed message below and we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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