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Submersible Clean Water Pumps

Submersible pump can be divided into clean water, salt water and sewage water etc according to water quality. Submersible clean water pumps are more widely used compared with others. Residential and boiler water all require clean water as medium. Many kinds of clean water submersible pump are for sale now in APK. As a professional submersible pump manufacturer, we are able to offer you the best quality pump.
According to installation and numbers of impeller, it can be divided into vertical clean water pump, horizontal clean water pump, centrifugal clean water pump, self-priming clean water pump, single stage clean water pump and multistage clean water pump.

clean water submersible pump
submersible clean water pump manufacturer
clean water submersible pumps
submersible clean water pump
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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  • Great designed machine and pump body
  • Low noisy and energy saving
  • Special design waterway parts
  • Wear resistance and corrosive resistance
  • Affordable price and space saving
  • Simple installation and easy using
  • High tech design making maintenance convenient

Using Condition

  • Head of pump should be no more than 9m
  • Water or fluid like water only can be transferred
  • Temperature of medium should be no more than 80℃
  • Temperature of using environment should be no more than 40℃


Clean water pump can be divided into three types. They are self-priming clean water pump, water cooler clean water pump and submersible clean water pumps.

  1. Water quality of self-priming clean water pump is relatively good. Water for circulation must be filled in when using it for the first time, in order to get it self-primed. This kind of pump is usually used for pumping water from deep well and orchard irrigation. Water does not need to be filled frequently compared with others. Suction height of it is within 3.5m.
  2. Mobility and water quality of water cooler clean water pump is quite good. Suction height is 2.5m while actual head is within 32m. Flow of this pump can be adjusted according to need, so it can be well used for pesticide spraying and irrigation. Water cooler clean water pump in APK has well-sealed straw to keep water inside.
  3. Submersible clean water pumps have relatively low head and high flow. They are suitable to be used for large scale irrigation. The whole pump body is immersed into water. Submersible motor guarantees our clean water pump can be worked into water for relatively long time without burning.
clean water submersible pump manufacturer
Clean water submersible pump catelog

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Application of Submersible Clean Water Pump

It is usually used to transfer clean water, therefore, it can be widely used in industrial and city water supply and drainage, high building pressurized water supply, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire booster, hot and cold water cycle pressurization etc.
Hot clean water pump can be used for metallurgy, chemical, textile, paper making and urban housing heating etc. Temperature of transferred medium should be no more than 120℃.

submersible clean water pump catelogue
Submersible clean water pumps for sale

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Submersible Clean Water Pumps Selection

When choosing clean water submersible pump, many of customers have puzzles on how to choose. We have personnel help resolving the problem. Following questions would be made clear before we introducing the suitable pumps for you.

  1. Quality of transferred medium. Name, proportion, temperature, corrosion, diameter and proportion of solid inside etc are included. Each situation refers to different types of pumps.
  2. Flow and pressure of pump. When designing our pump, we will take flow loss and evaporation into consideration. Then we will combine them with actual flow needed to introduce best pumps.
  3. Material and sealing method. Clean water submersible pump in APK have two kinds of casting type. One is cast iron submersible pumps, the other is stainless steel submersible pumps. Iron cast one is excellent in hardness and wear resistance, while the stainless steel one is corrosive resistance and of simple appearance.
  4. Quality of pumps must be considered as the most important one. High quality pumps can not only be used for long time, but also save the cost of repairing and maintenance. APK has strong strength factory to promise our pump being in good quality condition for all its service life.

Want to know more details?

Submersible Clean Water Pump For Sale

Clean water pump for sale now in APK mainly refers to QJ series submersible pump, high flow submersible pump, QS/QSR submersible pump etc.
We have different diameters and materials can be chosen. Modern producing line reduces unnecessary procedures, high-tech producing skills improves utilization rate of materials. All of these help reduce submersible pump cost in APK.

submersible clean water pump
Stainless steel clean water pumps for sale

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Submersible Clean Water Pumps Manufacturers

Since foundation, APK always emphasis on improve the quality and skills of producing pumps. Among other excellent water pump suppliers, APK gradually becomes the leading brand through unremitting effort.
Compared with other submersible pumps manufacturers, our factory in China ranks the first and is still reforming existence skills for further development. Apart from advanced producing skills, we have strict testing system. Each pumps must be sent into test center. Our testing machine meets national B level and nearly each of our pumps have good performance in testing.

submersible clean water pumps price
Submersible clean water pumps

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Intimate After Sale Service

  • Relatively long time repairing and maintenance service for free
  • Personnel waiting all time long for question and problem resolving
  • Careful package and storage
  • Professional installation instruction


Submersible clean water pumps in APK can be used for long time. Each of our pump is under strict monitoring after sold out. We will continuously improve performance of our pumps according to customer’s usage experience. So if you have any intention or questions about our products and our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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