submersible centrifugal pumps

Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps

Water serves as the primary factor for human living, and water pumps are needed wherever water exists. Submersible centrifugal water pumps are submerged pumps, to work underwater and suck well water, lake or sea water onto ground. Aiming to protect water source and environmental balance, all the submersible centrifugal pumps in our company are made in high quality without leaking. As a responsible submersible pumps manufacturer, APK exerts to bring water to each corner of the world, we would like to be like water carrier, carrying more drinking or using water for more people with our products.

centrifugal submersible water pumps
submersible centrifugal pump
centrifugal pumps
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submersible centrifugal pump
centrifugal pumps
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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Using condition

  1. Voltage deviation should be 380V ±5%, frequency should be 50Hz
  2. Clean water should be filled inside motor
  3. First level of impeller immerse at least 2m under dynamic water level
  4. Pump units immerse 70m less than static water level
  5. Distance between bottom of motor and well should be more than 3m


  1. Stable performance and reliable working condition
  2. Low noisy and low energy cost
  3. Long service life
  4. Wide range of applications
  5. Delicate design and good-looking appearance
  6. Excellent hydraulic system
centrifugal submersible pumps
submersible centrifugal water pumps

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps For Sale

Many sorts of vertical centrifugal pumps are for sale in our company, among which include single phase type and three phase type. Unless centrifugal pumps are used domestically, all the other pumps require three phase current while operating. If you want wear resistant one, we have cast iron submersible centrifugal pumps. And stainless steel type is able to offer you the safest drinking water for its corrosive resistance performance. Our strict testing system and National B level testing machine ensures quality of each pumps on sale. When choosing centrifugal water pumps, APK will be your best choice.

submersible centrifugal water pumps
submersible centrifugal water pumps impeller

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Application of Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps

As name suggests, submersible centrifugal pumps need to be used under water or transferred medium. Therefore, they are normally used to transport clean water for domestic or municipal use. With stainless steel casting, they can also be adopted for transporting light corrosive water like sea water or hot water. In industrial and constructive, they are also in great help.

Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Meaning

The definition of centrifugal pumps refers mainly to its impellers. When pumps are working, rotated impeller gives water centrifugal force and makes water move away from it, in this process, impeller is not easy to be corrode and enables its long service life. Apart from centrifugal impeller, there are also axial flow and mixed flow impeller. Compared with those two, centrifugal impeller has wider applications. Submersible centrifugal water pumps can be used to pump clean water as well as dirty water, while axial and mixed flow submersible pumps are mainly used to transfer clean water.

centrifugal water pumps parts
submersible centrifugal water pumps parts

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Parts and Function

Four parts of submerged pumps are essential in its underwater working, which include motor, impeller, inlet and outlet. Submersible motor is the key power to drive whole pump working, therefore, the safety of it decides service life of pump. For submerged motor, we have water cooler and oil filled type for different needs. In terms of impeller, special made impeller gives water great force and power. They are installed right above motor and rotate rapidly in operating. Inlet and outlet marks the beginning and the end of whole pumping process, filter cover will be installed outside to block small particles or solid.

centrifugal water pumps
submersible centrifugal water pumps impellers

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Efficiency

Centrifugal pumps efficiency in large extent is influenced by motor and fluency of working. A professional submersible pumps company like us will sure to pay great attention on motor design. Large power motor is destined to consume large energy, however, we made thousands of experiments before producing and finally choose the most energy saving method. Because of high quality materials installed inside, water pumps from APK is proved to work more smooth. Advanced hydraulic model equipped helps improve centrifugal pumps efficiency greatly.

submersible centrifugal pumps parts
centrifugal submersible water pumps

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Working Principle

  1. Motor starts working when pump is on, providing pump with large power and drive other parts working.
  2. Impeller rotates fast, leading to unbalanced situation between water and inside pump.
  3. Vacuum space formed near inlet and water flows in under pressure.
  4. Water rotates together with impeller under centrifugal force.
  5. Water is thrown far away from impeller and gets large power to move upward.
  6. Final process end when all the water flows out through outlet.
submersible centrifugal water pumps
centrifugal submersible pumps for sale

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Operation

Centrifugal pumps penal can be divided into two kinds, one is control penal box, the other is floating control. As pump is immersed into water, control panel is designed on the ground for easy operations. As for well pumps, hard pumps may get well into collapse in installation process, therefore, we particularly make rubber protection cover and wear it around pumps to protect well. For safety working conditions, over heat and over flow devices are equipped within pumps for detecting and protecting motors. All the pumps sold in APK are tested strictly by testing machine and are guaranteed to have the best quality level.

centrifugal submersible water pumps for sale
submersible centrifugal water pumps

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Maintenance

All water pumps need to be maintained for long service life and stable working condition, here, APK gives you some suggestions on pumps maintain.

  1. For protecting water pumps motor, water needs to be filled in before operating. Some submersible pumps produced in our company have the capable of continuous working without water. However, we still suggest you to fill in water for safety.
  2. Cast iron pumps may be easily corrode for long time using, therefore, clean the pumps up after using and put away all the water inside pumps when it keeps unused for long time. For avoiding corrosion of cast iron pumps, we spread two covers of corrosive resistant paint in producing process. Or customers can choose our stainless steel type when used for transferring drinking water.
stainless steel pumps
stainless steel centrifugal water pumps

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Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps Suppliers

How to choose suitable submersible pumps? You may easily get puzzled in such problem. However, the primary thing you should bear in mind is the qualifications of pumps manufacturers. Large submersible pumps manufacturers are more capable on producing high quality products. And the most reliable brand you can choose is APK pumps. With own producing factory, we are able to produce pumps range from 2.2kw to 450kw. Regarded frequently as Official Designated Products in large occasion such as Olympic Games, our pumps using rate in China only has reached for more than 70%. For over thirty years, we are only dedicated on designing and producing submersible pumps. Believe in us, and we will bring you surprisingly reward!

submersible centrifugal pumps
centrifugal submersible water pumps for sale

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