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Agricultural Submersible Pumps

Agricultural submersible pumps are the most common types of pumps. Whole pump body must be immersed under water when working. In order to guarantee quality level, each pump must be tested through testing machine. Life expectancy of agricultural submersible pumps in our company can be as long as ten years. As professional water pumps manufacturer in China, reasonable and competitive agricultural submersible pumps price is always our core strength. Ample stock for large power pumps satisfies urgent needs, and customized service of us meet all your requirements on irrigation pumps.

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Motor Parameter: 2.2kw-410kw

NEMA standard

Insulation Level: F

Protective Grade: IP68

Solid content:≤0.01%

Maximum Diameter: φ 50mm-φ600mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Agricultural Submersible Pumps Price

In terms of agriculture submersible pumps price, APK has always been praised as the most reasonable one. In producing process, we are constantly updating working performance and efficiency. Excellent working performance and hydraulic system of pumps save large amount of using costs for customers. Besides, with strong strength factory of us own, unnecessary costs such as middle fee between manufacturers and suppliers can be saved. Long life expectancy of our agricultural submersible water pumps can be a great investment. If you want to buy best premium pumps in reasonable price, contact us soon and we will meet your demands.

submersible water pumps for agricultural
agricultural submersible pumps

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Agricultural Submersible Pumps Sale

Common types of agriculture submersible pumps are QJ series and QS series. QJ series can be used in deep well for irrigation, head and flow capacity can be extremely large. QS series are capable to be installed horizontally or vertically because of their ball bearings design. When submerged under river water, QS series is a suitable choice. Because of their using conditions, stainless steel agricultural submersible pumps are strongly recommended. Special casting materials enable pump body free from being corroded, excellent and smooth working performance make them widely praised by old customers.

agricultural irrigation pumps
agricultural submersible pumps for sale

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Agricultural Submersible Pumps Features

1.Long life expectancy
2.Excellent and smooth working performance
3.Full head design
4.Floating design on reducing axial pressure
5.High head and high flow guaranteed
6.Low working noisy and less energy consuming
7.Environmental friendly

pumpset in agricultural
stainless steel agricultural submersible pumps

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Wholesale Agricultural Submersible Pumps

APK factory owns thirty years producing experience, we are able to produce all sorts of large power pumps ranges from 2.2kw to 450kw. Therefore, we are capable enough to provide wholesale pumps service for you. All the ordered wholesale pumps will be guaranteed to have best premium quality level, and price of which will be the most reasonable. Till now, our wholesale agricultural submersible pumps have been sold to Pakistan, Iceland, Nigeria, Thailand, Australia and Malaysia etc. Because of long service life and smooth working condition, they are widely praised by old customers. If you need wholesale agricultural submersible water pumps, please contact us soon and we will offer detailed wholesale agricultural submersible pumps price lists to you.

agriculture borewell pumps
agricultural submersible water pumps

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Agricultural Submersible Automatic Pump Controller

Pump controller is important on pumps safety, for submerged pumps, we set controller on the ground for easy operation. In order to protect motor from burning down, overflow and overheat devices are installed inside to stop pump working automatically in dangerous situations. For safety working, all the internal materials we use are far beyond national standard. Some core parts such as stator is made by professional stator wielding machine, making it excellent in electricity. National B Level machine is used for testing pumps performance and quality level. In various pumps experiments, our agricultural pumps are proved to have best working performance.

agricultural farmland irrigation
agricultural submersible water pumps

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Agricultural Submersible Pumps Customize

Because of the hot demand on large power pumps, APK provides customers with customized service. For now, thousands of customized submersible pumps are sold overseas and got excellent feedback. We invested large amount of money and manpower in stainless steel foundry so as to improve working efficiency and products quality. On customized water pumps, attending personnel tracking system will be adopted, specific experts are set in each producing procedure to be responsible for quality. Detailed plan will be made by designing department of us. All your requirements on pumps will be satisfied by us.

agricultural irrigation pumps
pumpset in agriculture

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Agricultural Submersible Pumps Manufactures

APK pump is now a famous brand known by people from all over the world. Since foundation, we always regard quality as primary factor and customers demands as source of development. All the old machine tools are replaced with new CNC machines, automatic winding line, automatic stator wielding line and automatic assemble line helped improved produce efficiency to large extent. Because of habitual good quality level of us, our products are regarded as model on formulating national standard in whole submersible pumps industry. In big national occasions, APK agricultural pumps are regarded as National Designated products and made great contribution.

agricultural submersible water pumps
stainless steel agricultural submersible pumps

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Agricultural Submersible Pumps Suppliers

In order to respond to national call, we installed a series of environmental friendly devices inside factory, therefore, our delivery time is guaranteed. Bulk LCL export is adopted so as to reduce transport fee for customers. With rapid development of our company, we are looking for distributors or agents overboard to better serve customers, if you have interested in such project and are capable enough, please read our distributor wanted requirements carefully and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Apart from high quality products and strict testing system, we are also excellent in satisfying after sale service.

Our Service:

1.Customized service
2.Wholesale products offered
3.Detailed introductions on pumps performance
4.Free visit to factory and company anytime
5.Ample stock for large power pumps
6.Free maintain and repair in appointed time
7.Fast delivery guaranteed

submersible water pumps for agriculture
agricultural submersible water pumps

On buying best agricultural submersible pumps online, APK will be your primary choice. Our ample stock for large power pumps will meet all your demands. With strong strength factory, we are capable of producing high head pumps reaching 1200m³/h. We would like to accept large wholesale orders from all over the world, therefore, if you have demand on agricultural submersible water pumps, please leave all your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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