Submersible Water Pumps

As submersible pumps are used to transfer liquid, features of liquid have impact on submersible pumps. So we produce several submersible water pumps in order to transfer different kinds of liquid. They are hot water submersible pumps, submersible clean water pumps, sewage water pump and salt water submersible pumps. Detailed information of these products are as follow:

submersible hot water pumps for sale

Hot Water Submersible Pump

Hot water submersible pump is used for pumping hot underwater and thermal water. With special designed high temperature resistance waterproof wire, ...
Domestic submersible pump manufacturer

Submersible Clean Water Pumps

Submersible pump can be divided into clean water, salt water and sewage water etc according to water quality. Submersible clean ...
submersible pumps for sea water

Submersible Saltwater Pump

Submersible pumps are used to transfer water. According to quality of transferred liquid, they can be divided as submersible clean ...
submersible well pumps water

Submersible Well Water Pump

Submersible well water pump can be divided into two kinds, one is shallow well pump, the other is deep well ...
stainless steel submersible pump for sale

Sea Water Submersible Pumps

Still have trouble in transferring sea water or salt water with your cast iron pumps? Perhaps our stainless steel sea ...
submersible centrifugal pumps

Submersible Centrifugal Water Pumps

Water serves as the primary factor for human living, and water pumps are needed wherever water exists. Submersible centrifugal water ...
submersible water pumps for sale

Small Submersible Water Pumps

Do you want to buy small submersible water pumps and use them at home? Do you have trouble in finding ...
electric water pumps

Electric Submersible Water Pumps

Electric submersible water pumps are widely used for industrial water supply and drainage, domestic drinking water use and deep well ...
domestic submersible water pumps

Domestic Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible pumps are most widely used tools around the world, on deep well water draining and drinking water supplying, they ...
high flow pumps for sale

High Flow Submersible Pumps

High flow submersible pumps are used for reclamation, pool and river drainage, sewage dealing and septic station usage. Capacity of ...

High Head Submersible Pumps

Head refers to lifted height of water. High head submersible pumps usually mean multistage pumps, for the head of pump ...

Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps

Normally, impeller plays a vital role in submersible pumps usage. Three kinds of impellers all together are used for different ...
axial flow pump for sale

Submersible Axial Flow Pump

Submersible axial flow pump is a kind of pump with axial impeller. It is a new style that produced by ...
axial flow submersible pump types

Axial Flow Submersible Pump

Axial flow submersible pump is famous for its axial impeller, when working, axial impeller gives water axial flow force and ...

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Submersible Water Pumps Price

Physical characteristic of salt water, waste water, clean water differs in lots of aspects. Therefore, when transporting them, different materials must be used and each kinds of materials points to each price level. Since price of submersible water pump has always been a top concern, APK has taken it into consideration in producing. Manual labour is freed from producing to monitoring and mechanical producing line greatly improved working efficiency. Cost of producing has been cut down, leading to the low selling price. On the other hand, factory of APK is responsible for designing, producing and offering pumps needed for own company, therefore, no other disparity exists. Primary reason for low and competitive water submersible pump price in APK lies in its high quality. Long service life guaranteed products make repairing and maintenance cost unnecessary.

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Submersible Water Pumps For Sale

Three main types of submersible water pumps are sold for different using situations. Stainless steel submersible water pumps are corrosive resistance and excellent in protecting water source. They are used mainly for transferring light corrosive liquid such as salt water and hot water. Cast iron type has wider range of applications for its wear resistance and durability. Sewage water and clean water is often transferred by it. The other type combines above two types together. It adopts stainless steel as outside casting and uses iron as inside casting. Using performance of it is familiar with cast iron submersible pumps but is more good-looking than that. Other sorts of submersible pump accessories inside will be replaced if special needs occur. All selling pumps by APK are high quality guaranteed.

pump submersible water
water pump submersible

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Submersible Water Pumps Specifications

Most of submerged pumps are used under deep well, thus the diameter of well decides the inch of pumps. We mainly produce large inch pumps such as 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch pumps. For other sorts of water pumps submersible, we also divide according to their motor power. Normally we have 3hp submersible pump, 4 hp water pumps, 5 hp submersible pumps and 6hp pumps etc. Large horsepower pumps are also provided such as 100hp pumps. In terms of shape, we have small submersible water pump, mini submersible water pump as well as large pumps. All types of pumps are sure to satisfy all your needs.

water pump submersible
submersible water pumps for sale

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How Submersible Water Pumps Works

  • Pump is on after motor is filled with water.
  • Motor starts and impeller parts rotated rapidly.
  • Vacuum space is formed on the inlet and water is pumped in under great pressure.
  • Water gets near impeller parts and rotates together with impeller.
  • Under great centrifugal force, water is thrown away from impeller parts and flows out of pump body.
  • New vacuum space is formed near the inlet and new round of pump working starts.
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Submersible Water Pumps Wiring

Submersible water pump wiring must be in accordance with ordered one. Pump cable should fit submersible water pump well and pay attention to its length and ordered specifications. Any broken parts or overheating cable must be stopped using for rechecking or discarding. Wrong cables may get pumps damaged by burning motors down. For reliable and safety pump working, APK will check carefully before selling and instruct customers with correct using method.

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Submersible Water Pumps Installation

Soft tube can be used for low head pumps, wire rope or hemp rope hangs pumps directly inside well. For high head pumps, clamp is used for better connect pumps with flange. The whole installation parts will be finished all by our personnel. As a professional submersible water pumps supplier, APK provide all intimate service and installation staff will send accompany with pumps for installing for free in a year. If not, we will provide detailed installation instructions for use.

submersible high pressure water pump
high pressure submersible water pump

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Small Submersible Water Pumps

Small submersible water pumps are normally used domestically. Their small shape and low voltage power consumption perfectly fit home use. Apart from this, QS series water pumps in APK are often applied for fountain use. Vertical or horizontal installation methods make them easy to operate, with special LED light device equipped, they can be widely used for city decoration. Large scale submersible water pumps are used for mountain or industrial water transfer. Head and flow capacity varies according to customers’ demands.

small submersible water pump suppliers
small submersible water pump

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Submersible Water Pumps Repair

As a responsible submerged water pump manufacturer, APK strongly suggests customers not to dissemble pumps by oneself. Many wires and protection systems may be broken if under unawareness. Anything wrong happened on operating must be stopped immediately. Every 2500 hours per year pump operates should get parts changed and get it repaired. More details on dissembling pumps body are as follow:
1.Untie the cable tether, remove the pipe parts and protecting plate
2.Release the water placed in the motor
3.Remove filter web and loose the bolt
4.Depart pump and motor carefully

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Submersible Water Pumps Maintain

Service life of submersible water pump is closely connected with the method of maintenance. Once pumps keep unused for long time, especially in winter, water inside pump must be removed and then pack cable together. Besides, the pump should be stored indoor within 40℃. For avoiding corrosion, customers need to spread corrosive resistance paint outside pumps. On account of this, we have stainless steel submersible water pumps for sale, special materials make them easy to maintain. Besides, we have perfect warranty system and is able to help repair and maintain in limited time.

submerged water pump manufacturers
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Submersible Water Pumps Manufacturers

Small submersible water pump suppliers take interests as primary thing, but APK only regard quality and using experience as cornerstone of developing. Since foundation, all sorts of water pumps produced by APK have been sold everywhere around the world. Standing on the view of customers, APK continuously improve producing technology and efficiency, so as to provide ones with the highest quality pumps. We exert to be a responsible water pump submersible manufacturer and supplier, all our pumps are tested through testing machine.

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