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Small Submersible Water Pumps

Do you want to buy small submersible water pumps and use them at home? Do you have trouble in finding the most suitable small water pumps? Don’t worry, our APK pumps will be here to help you. Small submersible water pumps are the most frequently used pumps, they can be used for domestic drinking water supply, residential water supply, deep well water drainage for agricultural use and fountain water use etc. Because of their wide range of applications, we produced all sorts of small submersible water pumps specifications, each of them are in premium quality standard with reasonable price.

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Working Parameter

Flow Range: 10 – 5003/h

Head Range: 15 – 500m

Diameter Range: φ50 – φ200mm

Temperature Range: 0 – 35℃

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Using Conditions

  1. Clean water should be filled in before operating
  2. Voltage and electricity frequency should be in restricted range
  3. PH level of transferred water should range among 6.5 to 8.5
  4. First level of impeller immerses into dynamic water level for more than 2m, pump units immerse into dynamic water level for less than 70m
  5. Distance between bottom of motor and well should be more than 3m
  6. Temperature of transferred medium should be no more than 35 ℃


  1. One core shaft structure
  2. Waterproof and antifreeze structure
  3. 20m underwater penetration
  4. Automatic thermal protection
small submersible pumps
small submersible water pumps

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Small Submersible Water Pumps Specifications

Each specification of small submersible pumps different in their casting, head and flow rate. On casting, we mainly have two types, cast iron casting and stainless steel casting. Cast iron pumps are excellent in their hardness and wear resistance, while stainless steel pumps are able to transfer light corrosive fluid or hot water, their corrosion resistance performance make them most suitable tools on transferring drinking water. Head and flow rate change according to numbers of impeller and design of inlet and outlet. Each of them should be chosen based on actual using conditions and water demands. If you have trouble in finding the most suitable one, we have professional staff to give you detailed introductions.

small submersible pumps quality
small submersible water pumps for sale

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Small Submersible Water Pumps For Sale

Because of our strong strength factory, we are able to provide all sorts of small submersible pumps for you. Impeller and internal design can be changed according to customers’ needs. In order to guarantee products quality, we have professional testing machine to have each of them tested strictly. Besides, we will test pump in each producing process, if any defective occurs, they need to be sent back for reproducing. Passing rate of our pumps reach for more than 99.9%, therefore, all the selling pumps in our company will be your most trustful choice.

small submersible water pumps factory
small submersible water pumps

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Small Submersible Water Pumps Price

Are you looking for reasonable price of submersible water pumps? Do you want to save a large amount of money in pumps using? If so, APK pump is your best choice. On producing submersible pumps, we always stand on the view of customers and try hard to reduce producing costs. However, reasonable price does not mean cheapest, because cheap price usually refers to weak quality. Lie in central part of China, we have ample and cheap manual labor, together with our high working efficiency and advanced producing technology, our whole producing costs can be reduced a lot. Apart from this, our premium quality pumps have long service life, it helps customers save large amount of replacement cost and repairing cost.

submersible small water pumps
small submersible water pumps for sale

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Small Submersible Water Pumps Customized

Many customers find it difficult using universal pumps in some complicated areas, therefore, they need some customized products to meet their demands. In such condition, we offer customized service for you. Our factory has thirty years pumps producing experience, all the three normal pumps castings such as wax film, sand film and lost foam technologies are all skilfully mastered by our factory. We are also continuous innovating new products, by absorbing foreign advanced technology together with customers requirements, our newly designed products are popularly praised. So if you need customized service, contact us and give us your detailed information, we will offer satisfied products for you.

small submersible pumps for sale
small submersible water pumps for sale

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Buy Small Submersible Water Pumps

When choosing and buying small submersible pumps, several elements should be taken into consideration.
First, choosing top rated pump brand is a secure way on avoid buying weak quality pump. Well pumps brands are usually praised and widely used by many people, therefore, quality is fundamental of their development belief such as APK pumps.
Secondly, qualifications of producing factories are important, products from qualified pump factory are monitored strictly by Quality Supervision Bureau and are more trustful.
Lastly, after sale service and guarantee system is really important. When buying pumps, customers need to know clearly about the detailed after sale service and guarantee contents to protect own rights.
Company meeting such above requirements are regarded as trustful and reliable corporate. Apart from this, APK also helps resolve all sorts of problems concerning submersible pumps. So if you have any problems, please contact us soon.

small water submersible pumps
small submersible water pumps parts

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Small Submersible Water Pumps Distributor

When buying pumps online, customers need to concern about problems such as transportation and delivery time, and they may feel hard to get after sale service immediately. Therefore, with broaden of our company scale, we aim to build overboard distributors or agents all around the world. Customers are able to buy and enjoy more thoughtful services locally. Once being our agents, we promise to provide the most premium quality with the most competitive price. Detailed selling and installation instructions will be taught by us. If you can be a good corporate and have similar selling experience, please look at distributor requirements carefully and leave us your message in detail.

small submersible pumps customized
small submersible water pumps factory

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Small Submersible Water Pumps Factory

A strong strength factory usually means life of a corporate, because all the producing costs and producing process are controlled all by oneself. APK pump factory has founded for more than thirty years till now, with experienced pump producing technology, products sold by APK are widely praised by people all around the world. Because of fast development of economy, we replaced manual labor with mechanical producing line, and more people are sent for monitoring whole producing process, which means our regulatory system is becoming more and more strict and perfect. Staff of our factory will be sent out for studying frequently to absorb new advanced technology, on account of this, we are always innovating and following the pace of times and customers’ needs.

small submersible water pumps price
small submersible water pumps impeller

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Small Submersible Water Pumps Suppliers

If searing for best China submersible pumps manufacturers, APK will always on top ten. As a reliable supplier, our products are for many times regarded as National designated products used for large occasions such as the Olympic Games and Flood and Disaster Control. Because of high quality level, our pumps even becomes model on formulating national pump standard. Pumping machine is a tool for bringing convenience to others, at the same time, we should also protect environment for all livings. Therefore, we installed a series of environmental friendly devices to reduce producing pollution. After testing, we have passed standard of National Environmental Friendly Bureau. Because of large demands, we will always produce extra pumps and put them in storage room for urgent demand, they are able to be sent out immediately if you need.
If you have any intention on our products or problems about our factory, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible, we will contact you soon!!


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