stainless steel fountain water pumps

Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps

When pumps work under water for long period of time, they are easily get corroded, especially for cast iron fountain pumps. Therefore, in order to prolong service life and protect quality of water source, APK produced stainless steel fountain pumps. This kind of pumps are able to transfer light corrosive medium such as salt water or water with small particles. Their stainless steel casting enables quality of water transferred. Therefore, stainless steel fountain pumps in our company becomes hot products soon after production. We offer detailed price list and quotation if you need.

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Motor Parameter:

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Outer Diameter: φ 141mm

Maximum liquid temperature: 35℃

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  1. Whole stainless steel casting, corrosive resistance and hot temperature resistance
  2. Wide range of applications, able to suit complicated using conditions
  3. Impact shape design, save space and costs to large extent
  4. Perfect hydraulic design and sealing system
  5. Low working noise, long service life guaranteed
  6. Energy saving and environmental friendly


  • Scenic spot or park fountain show
  • Agricultural farmland irrigation
  • Deep well water drainage and transfer
  • Hot water or light corrosive liquid transport
  • Fishing industry water supply
  • Live stock drinking water supply
  • Municipal water use
stainless steel water fountain
stainless steel fountain pumps

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Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps For Sale

Two sorts of stainless steel fountain pumps are for sale now in our company, one is total stainless steel casting pump, the other is half stainless steel pumps. Half stainless steel type keeps iron cast inside pump body, therefore, they are more wear resistance while being good-looking. On the other hand, total stainless steel pumps as ODM series are capable of transferring light corrosive medium, and no corrosion droppings will be dropped in whole process. Because of their excellent working performance and perfect design, they are popularly praised among customers.

stainless steel fountain pumps casting
stainless steel fountain water pumps

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Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps Price

Compared with other submersible pumps market, China water pumps manufacturers play an important role for our cheap manual labor cost. Therefore, price of stainless steel fountain pumps in China are the most cost-effective. Among China submersible pumps manufacturers, cost of APK pumps are the most competitive. It does not mean our price are the cheapest, because cheap price normally represents weak products. After long development, our mechanical producing line gradually replaced manual labor and improved working efficiency greatly. Therefore, the producing costs have been sharply reduced.
On the other hand, based on the belied of continuous innovate, we employed many sophisticated talents and introduced most advanced producing technology. With their effortless trying, we are able to control producing costs and using costs into minimum range. Therefore, our stainless steel fountain pumps price are the most reasonable and competitive one.

stainless steel submersible fountain pumps
stainless steel fountain pumps

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Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps Service Life

Service life represents using costs to some extent, when customers buy a weak pump, it may get burnt soon, and then they have to buy a fresh new pump again. Therefore, choosing a long service life pump is an important thing. Normally, water pump’s service life varies from five years to eight years. However, according to feedback of our customers, APK pumps are able to be used for more than ten years. Especially for stainless steel pump, it is corrosion resistance and has wide range of applications. With delicate design and perfect hydraulic system, stainless steel submersible pumps can stay in excellent working performance for many years. In other word, buying pump from APK means saving money. If you want to be a good pump investor, APK can be lived up to trust.

submersible stainless steel pumps
stainless steel fountain pumps

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Quality Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps

On considering particular using conditions of fountain pumps, we adopts ball bearings instead of graphite bearings. With mechanical producing system, each stator is made through stamping machine, it feels smooth and size of each one is accurate. Every single copper wire is far beyond national standard to guarantee quality. On using safety, we install multi-protection devices inside pumps body. Over-flow and over-heat equipment stop pump automatically when in danger. Impact sealing system avoids leaking and protects water source to large extent. Each pump is immersed into water at least for 24 hours in producing process. With strict testing system, passing rate of our pumps reaches more than 99.9%. In pump industry, APK promises that our stainless steel pumps are the most premium.

stainless steel fountain pumps
submersible stainless steel pumps

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Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
250QJ50-60/3 50 60 15 33.9 789 770 233 163 96
250QJ50-80/4 80 18.5 40.8 815 905 183 102
250QJ50-100/5 100 25 53.8 870 1040 210 120
250QJ50-120/6 120 30 64.2 900 1175 229 125
250QJ50-140/7 140 30 64.2 900 1310 253 125
250QJ50-160/8 160 37 77.8 933 1445 279 135
250QJ50-200/10 200 45 94.1 1288 1715 363 219
250QJ50-240/12 240 55 114.3 1388 1985 405 245
250QJ50-280/14 280 63 127.9 1448 2255 440 265
250QJ50-320/16 320 75 152.3 1528 2525 475 285

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Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps Brand

Talking to top ten submersible pumps brands in China, APK pumps are sure to be on the list. For over thirty years, we dedicate on submersible pumps only. Because of our habitual excellent quality, national pumps standard in China is formulated on the basis of our pumps. APK pumps are regarded as designated products used frequently by National Water Conservancy Bureau. In large occasion such as Olympic Games as well as flood and disaster control, our pumps show irreplaceable functions. Till now, market occupation rate of our products reaches more than 70%. On steadying corporate reputation, quality is always our core competence. For submersible pumps industry, we are the most professional one.

stainless steel water fountain
stainless steel fountain pumps

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China Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps Factory

Owning a producing factory is a vital strength to pump industry, because we are able to control producing costs all by ourselves. APK pump factory have specialized in submersible pumps for over thirty years. We mastered all sorts of producing and casting methods such as lost foam casting, wax casting and sand film casting. We are able to produce pumps ranges from 2.2kw to 450kw. In each producing process, strict testing system filters out unqualified pumps and send back for reproducing. As large company, we bravely carry on social responsibility and installed many environmental friendly devices in our factory. Therefore, all the order can be finished and delivered in appointed time. If customers need pumps urgently, we have storage in our storage room, and we are able to send them out as fast as possible to meet your demand.

submersible stainless steel pumps
stainless steel fountain water pumps

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China Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps Manufacturers

Regardless of our premium products, advanced producing skills and perfect management system, we also offer thoughtful service for you.
1.Free visit to our factory any time
2.Any problem solved by professional staff in 24 hours
3.Detailed introduction on products
4.Free repair and maintenance in limited time

In order to better serve customers, we are building more and more oversea agents. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we are exerting to bring you most thoughtful purchasing experience. So if you have any intention on our products, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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