submersible single impeller water pump

Single Stage Submersible Pump

Single stage submersible pump is usually designed as relatively low head or low flow submersible pump because only one impeller installed inside pump. It is widely used in industrial, agricultural and residential water supply and drainage. Compared with two stage or multistage submersible pumps, single stage is designed much more simple and energy saving. As a professional single stage submersible pump manufacturer, APK only produce high quality pumps with cost-effective materials. Single stage submersible pump price is more competitive in our company. Detailed single stage pump lists will be given if required.

submersible single impeller water pump
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40°C;

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Single stage submersible pump, because of its impact appearance and shape, can be widely used for industrial and mining water supply, agricultural water supply and irrigation use, hot water transport for residential use and urban water drainage and supply.


  • Impact shape, simple to install and operate
  • Low noise, energy saving and environmental protecting
  • Space saving and easy to master
  • Good sealing performance
  • Long service life
  • Corrosive resistance
  • Low maintenance cost
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What is Single Stage Submersible Pump?

Pumps can be divided as single stage, multistage or two stage according to submersible pump stages. Have you ever wondered what does single stage mean? The main part of submersible pump accessories is impeller. When we install one impeller inside pump, it is single stage submersible pump or single impeller water pump, while pumps with multiple impellers being multistage pumps. Therefore, single stage pump definition is decided according to numbers of impellers installed.

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Single Stage Pump vs Multistage Pump

The main difference between single stage and multistage pump relies on numbers of impellers. When there is one impeller in pump, it is single stage submersible pump; when two or more impellers are installed in pump, they are multistage submersible pumps. Besides, the maximum head of single stage submersible pump is no more than 125m, while multistage pump submersible can reach more than 125m. Because only one impeller is in the pump, single impeller water pump is much easier to be maintained and repaired than multi impeller pump. When deciding which pump to buy, actual using situation must be taken into careful consideration. Of course, our personnel would like to be on your help any time you need.

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Single Stage vs Two Stage Pumps Submersible

The division of single stage and dual stage is also based on impellers. Two impeller pumps refer to two stage pumps submersible or dual stage pump. Single stage submersible pumps usually refer to low head or low volume submersible pumps and are more suitable to be used domestically. While two stage pumps usually work for mine dewatering use or industrial water supply and drainage etc. However, we are now able to replace multistage or two stage pumps submersible with one impeller pump by improving the rotating speed, so most customers’ demands can be fulfilled. As a professional  single stage submersible pumps manufacturer, we will exert to provide the most suitable pumps for you.

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Single Stage Submersible Pump For Sale

Single stage submersible pumps for sale in APK include borehole submersible pumps and double suction centrifugal water pump. Single stage centrifugal pump is normally used on the ground, such as medium opening centrifugal pumps. Middle parts can be opened and then we can put impeller outside for repairing and maintaining. We have all kinds of models and specifications waiting to be chosen. Our personnel will give you detailed introduction according to your special needs.

submersible single impeller water pumps catelogue
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Single Stage Submersible Pump Price

Price of single stage submersible pump varies for their specifications and models. As many submersible pump suppliers are producing it, price of each company is also different. Quality plays an important role in price. At that point, APK promises to have the highest quality and longer service life than any others. When producing single stage pump submersible, we stick to make quality as an essential and the most vital factor, therefore, our products are used all around the world and got great rewards from our customers.

Want to know more details?

Besides, single stage submersible pump cost may be increased when using a low quality pump. Before producing pumps, APK compares many of the same kinds of materials and selects the most cost-effective one. And we regularly learn from others so as to improve our own producing skills. After many times of single stage centrifugal pump experiments, we use the most suitable accessories with modern technology. Therefore, the cost of single stage submersible pump can be greatly reduced.

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Single Stage Submersible Pump Quality

Single stage submersible water pump is consist of stator, pump body, inlet and outlet. Stator is especially important in pump working. As a best single stage submersible pump supplier, we have strong strength factory to promise quality of our pumps. We use punching machine and special skills to make our stator smooth and being in good performance when working. Apart from reliable accessories we use, we also pay great attention on pump testing. We have professional testing machine reaching B level. Each of our pumps will be sent to test and any defective must be sent back for reproducing.

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Single Stage Submersible Pump Working Principle

Submersible single stage pump has only one impeller. When it is operating, it pumps water into body from inlet. Then water comes into impeller part, the impeller will rotate in high speed, and water rotates with impeller together and finally flows out of pump body. Inlet part will then forms large quantity of vacuum space and another working process starts again. As a submersible pump, impeller of single stage water pump is usually installed not far from inlet. The whole pump must be immersed into water when working, and power of motor influence head and flow of single stage submersible pumps.

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Single Stage Submersible Pump Features

  • We use advanced water conservancy model design, and successfully control working noisy into low range and thus is more environmental friendly.
  • Normally, single stage pump submersible uses vertical type, so lots of space can be saved and cost of producing is largely reduced .
  • Motor and pump is linked together, so our pump is promised to work in safe condition without burning.
  • We have cast iron type and stainless steel type, they can better resist corrosion and rusty.
  • We use simple and impact shape, so that the whole pump is easy to be installed and maintained.
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Single Stage Submersible Pump Manufacturer

APK is a well known submersible pump supplier in China, our products are sold overseas all around the world, we have distributors on almost each continent. Apart from high quality single stage submersible pumps, we also offer complete warranty. We are qualified enough and is praised by all sorts of customers. Besides, our own strong strength factory makes price of submersible pumps more competitive. If you have any questions or any intention, please leave your message below, our personnel will wait 24 hours for solving your problems!


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