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100gpm Submersible Well Pump

100gpm submersible well pump is a relatively high flow and high capacity borehole submersible pump. It is suitable to be used for industrial or mining water drainage. We have several kinds and each of them are under careful design with advanced water conservancy model experiments. APK is the best 100gpm submersible well pumps manufacturer and intends to provide the lowest 100gpm borehole pumps price with the highest quality. We have detailed price list of 100gpm pumps, and the whole cost of using is promised to be cost-effective in APK.

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submersible 100gpm pumps suppliers
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;
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100gpm submersible well pump are widely used for agricultural farmland irrigation, industrial mining area water supply and drainage, constructive water supply, residential water supply, hot water transport and ship industry etc.


  • Low noise and energy saving
  • Various specifications and wide application
  • Impact structure, easy to operate, maintain and repair
  • Good sealing system, less leakage condition
  • Long service life and good warranty
  • High flow and high capacity, satisfy urgent needs
  • Space saving and environmental friendly
100gpm submersible borehole pumps for sale
submersible 100gpm water pumps

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100gpm Submersible Well Pump Classification

According to the method of drainage, 100gpm well pumps can be divided into bottom suction type and borehole submersible water pumps. Bottom suction type puts inlet at the bottom, so that water on the ground is easy to get into pumps. While borehole submersible water pumps are normally used for draining well water or lake water. Axial flow pump and mixed flow water pumps are also high flow pumps, therefore, they are classified into 100gpm high flow submersible pumps, too. Cast iron type high flow submersible pumps are normally used for industrial condition with their strong strength.

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100gpm high flow submersible pumps

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100gpm Submersible Well Pumps For Sale

Pump shell type is our core type of 100gpm high flow pumps. They are famous for their hardness and wear resistance. We have cast iron type and stainless steel type, but cast iron type is much wider used. When you need higher flow submersible pumps, we suggest our newly high flow submersible pumps to you. They are specially designed for different using conditions. They have large inlets and large outlets to satisfy all kinds of special needs. Axial flow impellers are installed for large capacity of water. As a professional borehole pumps manufacturer, we promise all of our 100gpm pumps are in good quality and using condition.

submersible 100gpm borehole pumps for sale
100gpm borehole pumps impeller

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100gpm Submersible Well Pumps System

Well pumps are usually used under the water, therefore, in order to save space and protect water source, we choose to install motor inside pump body. When pump is operating, the motor will give power to pump and impellers of pump will rotate rapidly. As vacuum space is formed on the inlet, water can be pumped in easily and get into impeller parts. With highly rotated centrifugal impeller of 100gpm high flow pump, water is thrown out and next circulation begins as that. We use water cooler pump submersible motor for protecting water source, and mechanical sealing system is carefully designed for avoiding leakage.

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100gpm Submersible Well Pump Quality

For ensuring the safety on using our 100gpm borehole water submersible pumps, we install temperature sensor inside our pumps. When temperature of motor is too high, they will stop operating automatically for avoiding them burning down. Besides, we have oil and water probe protection, once they start leaking, the protection system is on and thus water quality can be well guaranteed. For further promoting quality of our pumps, we use pump testing machine to test each of our pumps. The machine reaches level B of national standard and is able to show detailed performance of each pump.

100gpm submersible well pumps for sale
submersible 100gpm well pumps testing machine

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100gpm Submersible Well Pump Manufacturer

APK is the best borehole submersible pumps suppliers among China. Most of our products are widely used for different using conditions and got great praise. We provide the highest quality pumps with the most cost-effective price. Apart from our products, we have reliable purchasing procedures and warranty. Distributors and dealers are now spread everywhere around the world for providing better purchasing and maintenance experience.

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100gpm submersible well pumps

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After Sale Service:

1.Personnel waiting 24 hours for patiently introducing and suggesting suitable pumps for you;
2.Complete warranty system helps repair and maintain your pumps for free in limited time;
3.Any quality problems of pumps would be solved at once;
4.Careful package and transportation.

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We are the most reliable borehole pumps manufacturer and we have all kinds of products to meet your needs. Therefore, if you have intention or questions about our products or our company, please feel free to leave your message below, our personnel will get in touch with you soon and provide you the most comfortable purchasing experiences.


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