domestic submersible water pumps

Domestic Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible pumps are most widely used tools around the world, on deep well water draining and drinking water supplying, they play vital roles. Among which, domestic submersible water pumps are most frequently seen and used by people. They can be put into well easily because of its impact shape design. With low voltage and power supply, domestic submersible water pumps are always on hot demands. Many sorts of submersible pumps specifications are for sale now in our company, each of them are in the most reasonable and competitive price.

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Working Parameter

Flow Range: 10 – 250 m3/h

Head Range: 5 – 121 m

Diameter Range: φ 50 – 150 mm

Temperature Range: -15 – 100 ℃

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Using Conditions

Frequency: 50Hz
Voltage: 380V
Immersion Depth: More than 0.5m
Transferred liquid: Clean non-corrosive water
PH Level: 6.5 – 8.5
Water Temperature: Less than 20 ℃


  1. Full head design
  2. All sorts of specifications
  3. Low energy consuming
  4. Low working noisy
  5. Easy to be installed and repaired
  6. Long service life
  7. Environmental friendly


  1. Agricultural farmland irrigation
  2. Residential drinking and daily using water supply
  3. Municipal water use
  4. Fishing industry water use
  5. Live stock industry drinking water use
high quality domestic submersible pumps
domestic submersible water pumps

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps For Sale

Pump casting serves as an important factor in choosing domestic pumps. All together two types of casting pumps are for sale now in our company, one is stainless steel type, the other is cast iron water pumps. Stainless steel submersible pumps are suitable to be used for transferring clean drinking water or light corrosive water, for long term working, its special stainless steel casting promises no corrosive droppings drop into water source. Compared with stainless steel type, the cast iron type is more wear resistance and hardness. For avoiding corrosion, we spread two layers of corrosion resistance paintings outside and inside pump body, therefore, it is still popular used among customers. Both pump castings are proved to have long service life, their unique internal design makes them easier to be installed and maintained.

domestic submersible water pumps part
domestic submersible water pumps for sale

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High Quality Domestic Submersible Water Pumps

Quality of products are always regarded as the most important factor in deciding their service life. Therefore, when designing and producing domestic pumps, we always regard pump quality as the primary thing. As special using conditions, electric leakage may bring disaster effects to safety of human life. On account of this, we pay special attention on sealing box, each sealing parts are tested strictly before putting into use. In each of producing procedure, we set strict testing system, every part and every piece of half-made submersible pumps must be tested through our professional testing machine, if result of any of them is lower than restricted range, it will be sent back for reproducing. Because of our high quality level, many long-term cooperators are amazed at their excellent performances. According to feedback of our customers, our pumps are able to be used for more than ten years without repairing.

domestic submersible pumps
domestic submersible water pumps

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps Price

Cheap price may be an attractive factor for customers in choosing pumps. However, we must bear in mind that cheap usually equals weak quality. Once one gets a weak water pump, he or she may spend more money in buying a brand new pump after period of time. Therefore, for long term using, premium quality pump is actually a wise investment to customers. During APK’s development, prices of our products are always regarded as the most reasonable and competitive.
Main reason of it is our high producing efficiency and low unnecessary costs. Without a factory, most domestic submersible pumps suppliers must find a factory to cooperate with, then the middle fee is added. Unlike them, we have strong strength producing factory of our own, all the pumps and their accessories are produced by us. Because of mechanical producing line, manual labor is freed to large extent and working efficiency is improved a lot. Whole producing costs are reduced accordingly. Therefore, if you are looking for best domestic submersible water pumps price, APK will the the most proper choice.

domestic submersible pumps impeller
domestic submersible water pumps part

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps Parts

Internal parts of submersible pumps are important for their safety working and performance. In order to guarantee high quality conditions, each internal materials we use are strictly chosen before installing. Copper wire and silicone steel plate are far beyond national standard. Besides, we particularly installed over heat and over flow devices to stop pump working automatically. Any dangerous things occurs such as oil leakage and electric leakage will be alarmed by protective equipment soon. On choosing submersible pumps parts, we did thousands of experiments and hydraulic tests to test performance of each part, therefore, when they are installed on pumps, we are able to promise that each of them are the most cost-effective one.

domestic submersible pumps factory
domestic submersible water pumps making

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps Install

Installation of domestic submersible pumps are various according to pumps types and actual using conditions. Before installation, we must make sure the diameter of well is in accord with size of pump body if it is used under well. Head and flow rate are normally small for domestic use, so the installation of pumps can be quite easy. When pumps get into well, a potential danger is its easily collapse of well. Hardness pump body will break pump easily if not careful, therefore, we designed rubber cover and use it outside pump body. When pump is put under well, the protective cover is able to protect both pump body and well. If you have questions on pump installation, our personnel will help you a lot.

domestic submersible pumps testing machine
domestic submersible water pumps testing

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps Working Principle

Before pump starts working, clean water or oil will be filled into pump. After pump is on, working motor drives all other parts of pump move together with it. Inlet forms vacuum space because of unbalanced pressure, water flows in under great pressure through filter. Led by fast rotated impeller, water moves accordingly in restricted route, then is thrown out far away. At the same time, some kinds of pushing force formed and water then flows out of pump body. In whole working process, motor and impeller play important roles. If motor stops working suddenly, turn the pump off immediately and check the reason.

high quality domestic pumps
domestic submersible water pumps test

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps Factory

Working efficiency and producing scale determine producing costs and products quality. Traditional producing method of most factories are manual producing, and choose sample testing to test quality. However, with the fast development of our corporate, our factory now adopts mechanical producing line to free manual labor, which realizes precise produce mode. We put more manual labor on pumps testing and monitoring. Instead of sample test, we test each of our pumps through National B Level standard testing machine, results will be shown on machine screen immediately. If they are lower than national standard, they will be sent back immediately for reproducing. With strong strength factory, APK is capable of providing customized services. We welcome anytime for paying a free visit to our factory.

domestic water pumps manufacturer
domestic submersible water pumps

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Domestic Submersible Water Pumps Manufacturers

Based on continuous innovation spirit, our company is always designing new and advanced products according to customers’ actual using conditions. Quality of our pumps supplier will always be the most premium and beyond national standard. Regard customers as primary concern, we are constantly perfecting our pumps performance and producing skills. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, our products are widely praised by customers from all over the world. Passing rate of our products reaches more than 70% only in China, for many times, our pumps are regarded as National Designated Products used for Flood and Disaster Control. Because of our habitual excellent quality, setting of national standard of pump industry is based on performance of our products.
We have all sorts of domestic submersible water pumps for sale, each of them refers to different price level. If you have any intention on our products, please feel free to leave all your detailed message below, we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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