submersible well water pumps

Wholesale Fountain Water Pumps In Pakistan

Products Parameter:

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


QS80-20 80 20 7.5 17.43 657
QS250-5 250 5 5.5 13.11  
QS250-8 8 7.5 17.43  
QSZ500-5.5 500 5.5 13 28 1367
QSZ700-10 700 10 25   1665
QSZ800-5.5 800 5.5 18.5   1605
QSZ800-3 3 13   1545
QSZ1250-5 1250 5 22   1675

Two hundred stainless steel fountain pumps are sent to Pakistan in wholesale price.
Lately, a Pakistan customers contact us through our website and ordered two hundred stainless steel submersible fountain pumps. We gave them detailed introductions on fountain water pumps, and then invented them to have a visit on our factory.
After they visited our factory, they were shocked by our modern and advanced stainless steel producing lines. In 2017, we invested large amount of money and manpower in improving stainless steel producing skills and set up complete and modern stainless steel producing line. They believed that we are the most professional fountain water pumps manufacturer in China after knowing our producing skills and testing the pumps by themselves.

submersible fountain pumps
wholesale fountain water pumps in Pakistan

Then we had a long meeting discussing the detailed on fountain water pumps price. As the quantity of ordered products are large, we decided to give them our reasonable wholesale price. At last, we both agreed the competitive reasonable quotation we offered and Pakistan customers were willing to build long term relationship with us.
All the ordered products are delivered in limited time, short after customers receive all the pumps safely, they sent us an email on praising the best quality of our pumps. At the same time, they showed us pictures on the installation of our stainless steel fountain pumps.
Being an expert in submersible pumps producing, APK would like to offer wholesale products for you. We welcome customers from all over the world order our pumps in large quantity. Till now, we have provided large amount of high quality products for large fountain projects and government projects. In order to meet all your demands, we also offer customized service for you. We have ample stock for large power pumps. If you need large quantity of fountain water pumps, please contact us now!


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