Types Of Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps are the most frequently used types for their convenience and impact design. According to their using applications, they can be divided as follows,

1.Submersible fountain water pumps

As name suggests, fountain water pumps are mainly used in fountain scenic spots. QS series type is frequently adopted. With stainless steel and iron casting, fountain water pumps are able to resist corrosion. Unlike deep well pumps, fountain water pumps are capable to be installed horizontally and vertically because of ball bearings inside.

2.Agricultural submersible pumps

For agricultural farmland irrigation, submersible water pumps are normally required to have high head and large flow. Pumps are submerged under deep well or river, therefore, multistage centrifugal pumps are used. When used in river, inlet filter is specially designed for preventing small particles.

3.Industrial submersible pumps

Water is an important source in industrial and constructive areas. For industrial use, large power pumps are required. Power rate of industrial submersible water pumps range from 7.5kw to 450kw. According to different using conditions, high head or high flow pumps are adopted.

submersible water pumps types
types of submersible water pumps

4.Domestic submersible pumps

Domestic submersible pumps are small power pumps, single phase pumps are normally chosen. For power supply, they require 220v as main type. Shape of domestic submersible pumps are relatively small and price of them are relatively cheaper.

5.Sea water submersible pumps

Because of highly corrosive features of sea water or salt water, stainless steel submersible pumps are frequently used as transferred machine. Service life of them are long even if they are to be immersed in corrosive water for long time. Besides, stainless steel castings are more attractive in appearance, therefore, they are becoming more and more popular in whole submersible pumps market.

6.Mining dewatering pumps

In mining areas, transferred liquid is quite complicated, all sorts of small particles are floated within. Therefore, inlet filter of mining dewater pumps are designed delicately to prevent them from flowing into pump body. Bottom suction type is frequently adopted so as to suck bottom water on working ground.

Above six types are normal and common used types of submersible water pumps. When selecting submersible pumps, customers should take actual using conditions into careful consideration.
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