submersible fountain pumps

Submersible Fountain Pumps In Uzbekistan

Congratulations! 110 submersible fountain pumps were sent to Uzbekistan!

Products Model:

Model Quantity Unit N.W.(kg)
40-16-3.3kw 15 SET 40
65-18-5.5kw 10 SET 43
25-9-1.1kw 15 SET 40
65-10-3kw 60 SET 39
250QJ120-60 5 SET 267
250QJ160-60 2 SET 250
250QJ120-80 1 SET 324

After searching for our website and knowing basic detailed about our products, customers from Uzbekistan left their messages and we soon got into with them. We talked about fountain water pumps in detailed and resolved many problems of them. Several days after, they came to our factory to visit products by themselves. Stepping into the factory, they were shocked by our large working scale and strong producing strength.

We showed them new designed fountain water pumps, iron casting inside and stainless steel casting outside. Customers praised that they looked so attractive. Then they tested several newly designed fountain pumps by themselves, amazed by their excellent working performance.

submersible fountain pumps supplier
fountain pumps supplier

As applications and working conditions of pumps they needed were different, we suggested several kinds of models to them. One is QSP fountain water pumps, the other type is QJ series deep well submersible pumps. Both types are in good working performance and have long service life. They ordered our pumps soon after they got back home. After receiving their orders, we produced pumps in high efficient and delivered pumps in appointed time. When they received fountain pumps in Uzbekistan, they tested all the pumps immediately and were satisfied at each single pump.
Because of broaden of our company scale, we are looking for small submersible pumps distributors overboard, if you have interested in such project, please read distributor requirement in detail and leave your message inside. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

submersible fountain pumps
fountain pumps in Uzbekistan

Besides, we are a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we would like to contract for large fountain pumps projects, if you need large quantities of fountain water pumps, we are capable enough to offer wholesale fountain pumps for you. If you need customized stainless steel fountain pumps, choose APK and we will never let you down!


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