Types of Water Pump

Water is the most important source in the world, no creations can be alive without water. And wherever water exists, water pumps are used. Different kinds of water pumps types are invented for different applications. According to using conditions, they can be divided into two types, submersible pumps and on ground pumps. All the pumps working under water or under liquid can be called as submersible pumps, and therefore they are the most common used types. On ground pumps, as name suggests, are used on the ground.

types of water pump
water pumps types

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Depend on using applications, they can be divided into industrial water pumps, agricultural farmland irrigation pumps, mountain pumps, sea water pumps, sewage water pumps, septic pumps, inline booster pumps and constructive water pumps etc. Power of each kinds of pumps are different along with required head and flow range.
According to pumps castings, we have cast iron pumps and stainless steel pumps. Cast iron pumps are highly wear resistance and are the most classic types. Stainless steel pumps are the core products in our company, because of their corrosion resistance and attractive appearance, they are becoming more and more popular. Another new types of pumps are iron cast inside and stainless steel covering outside, looking more attractive while still being hardness.
Each types of water pumps have their own specifications and price lists. When selecting suitable water pumps types, customers should take actual applications into consideration. Because of complicated using conditions, most universal pumps types may not able to fit all the using areas. Therefore, some large submersible pumps manufacturers such as APK offers customized services. According to customers requirements, we will customize pumps specially for you. Thanks to our advanced stainless steel producing lines, our customized stainless steel pumps are in hot demand and all the sold pumps are in excellent working performance according to customers’ feedback.
We have detailed water pumps types and if you have intention on any of them, please contact us soon and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!!


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