Which Submersible Pump is Best

Submersible pumps are the most commonly used types, for long period of time, they became a vital tool to transfer water or other liquid in various applications. When pumps are working under water, best working performance and safety of machine are extremely important. Besides, long service life pumps enable to save large amount of money for customers. So which submersible pump is best? Here we will give you some suggestions.
Different submersible pumps have their unique applications, according to their using conditions, we name them as fountain water pumps, industrial water pumps, mining area submersible pumps, agricultural submersible pumps, mountain submersible pumps and commercial submersible pumps etc. When a pump in used in wrong situation, the head and flow rate will not meet the demand of actual requirement, then pump is easily get broken. Therefore, best submersible pumps must be in accordance with actual requirement and applications.

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best submersible pump

Normally there are two types of submersible pumps among China submersible pumps market, one is QJ series water pumps while the other is QS series pumps. QJ series are known as to be used under deep well, therefore head or power is relatively high. They can be used in industrial or mining areas, too. QS series is a relatively small pump, they are frequently used as fountain water pumps, because of ball bearing inside, they are able to be installed vertically and horizontally. For domestic water transfer or small power use, QS series are the main type.
According to pumps castings, we also have cast iron pumps and stainless steel submersible pumps, cast iron pumps are most famous for their hardness and wear resistance. Stainless steel submersible pumps, because of their highly corrosion resistance, are widely used for transferring light corrosive and hot liquid and are winning more market in submersible pumps industry.
In terms of best submersible pumps, the most suitable one is sure to be the best. When choosing suitable water pumps, customers must take actual using conditions into consideration. Of course the highest quality level is also the vital factor. If you have problem in choosing best submersible pumps, contact us and we will give detailed introductions on each sorts of pumps. Besides, because of complicated using conditions, we also offer customized service. Large flow or high head stainless steel submersible pumps can be customized fro meeting your demands.
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