submersible pumps in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Customers Came to Visit APK

In 2017, two Saudi Arabian customers came to visit our factory. Our manager Ms. Huang welcomed them warmly. First, they visited our exhibition room and was amazed at our good-looking pumps. After they looking at the accessories put on the exhibition table, they cannot wait to have a look at our producing workshop.

Saudi Arabian submersible pumps
Arabian customers look at winding process

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They were shocked by female workers and saw them winding in detail. They were interested in our QS series submersible pumps and QJ series submersible pumps. Ms. Huang told them each of our pumps would be tested carefully through our testing machine. They stopped by and engaged in testing by themselves. Each tested pumps are marked ‘Ok’ all by themselves. Then they are surprised to see that all of those pumps are tested to be in excellent performance.

submersible fountain pumps in Arabian
submersible pumps for Saudi Arabian
best submersible fountain pumps
submersible pumps testing by Arabian

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After that, they came to our forging workshop, and asked several questions. Ms. Huang told them that our factory are able to master three forging skills, including wax casting, sand covering film and lost foam skills. And we led them to see the three casting skills in flesh.

submersible pumps casting
wax casting technique in APK factory
submersible pumps price
lost foam producing technique

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After visiting, they are very satisfied at our factory and are amazed at our factory scale. “We decide to have long term cooperation with you, your company really have strong strength. Especially the strict testing process, I am sure all your products have excellent quality.” They told Ms. Huang.

submersible pumps in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian customers

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APK pump is a famous and the best China submersible pumps brand, we hope our products can fit all your needs. For more than thirty years, we stick on producing and focusing on designing submersible pumps only.


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