Installation of Submersible Well Pumps

After buying submersible pumps, you may always get puzzle on how to install well pumps by yourself, here APK will give you some suggestions on well water pumps installation. Followings are some installation tools that you may use in the process:

  1. A sling chain that more than 2t
  2. A Tripod whose vertical height should be no less than 4m
  3. Two wire ropes which bear weight of 1t.
  4. Two installation clamps
  5. Wrench, hammer, bolt driver and electricity instruments, etc.
submersible well pumps installation
submersible pump installation

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When you get all these things ready, you should know the head of your pumps. Different head range of pumps decide different installation methods.

  1. If head of your pump is lower than 30m, then you can use flexible pipe directly, and then use wire rope or hemp rope that can bear weight of whole pumps together with all the water pipes to hang pumps up and install them in well.
  2. If your pump head is more than 30m (Steel pipe should be used), then the order should be:

First, use a clamp to clip in upper part of water pump(motor and pumps should be linked already), hang it up with chain and slowly put it into well, till the clamp is put on well entry, untie the sling chain.
Secondly, use the other clamp to clip in a tube, hang it up when it keeps 15cm far away from flange and then slowly put it down, rubber pad should be put between tube flange and pump flange. Tighten pump and tube closely with bolt, nut and spring map.
Thirdly, hang pump slowly up and untie the clamp on upper part, tie cable on tube closely with plastic string and put it down into well, till clamp is put on well entry.
Finally, use the above method to tie all the water pipe into well. After cable is connected with control switch, access three phase power supply.


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