How to Choose Pumps

Each pumps have its special applications and installation method, when they are used in suitable situation, their performance can be on the best condition. Many people do not know how to choose the most suitable pumps, so we will give you some professional advice on choosing.

1.Estimate head of pump and length of lifting pipe.

The water pump head should be in accordance with actual need. If lower than required, flow rate will be dropped and axial force is added, then pump is easily worn. If actual head is higher than required head, efficiency of pump is narrowed, and added flow rate as well as current will burn the motor down.
Then customers should make clear the dynamic and static water level of well, length of pumps pipe can be figured as follow:
(H1: vertical distance between dynamic water level and well
H2: loss of pipe line.)

submersible pumps head
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2.Distribution cable

Distribution cable of pump must be in accordance with submerged motor on specifications and length. If cable is broken or get high temperature in using process, customers should immediately get it checked. Wrong cable will narrow down the service life of cable and motor line package, or even burn the motor down.


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