Working Principle of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are the most widely used device for dealing with water. Unlike normal above ground pump, submersible pumps must be immersed into water totally.
Before working, clean water must be filled into suction tube and pump body. After pump is on, impeller rotates in high speed and water transferred moves together with it. Under centrifugal force, water is thrown far away from impeller, then it moves slower and slower in diffusion chamber. With added pressure, water flows from outlet. At that time, vacuum low pressure zone formed in the center of impeller. Then the rest liquid in pool is pumped in body under atmospheric pressure. New round begins in this way.

submersible pumps working principle
submersible pumps working

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Basic parameter of pumps include:

Flow rate, head, rotating speed, rated power, rated current, efficiency and tube diameter etc.

Application of submersible pumps:

Construction water drainage, farmland irrigation and sprinkler, industrial water circulation, residential drinking water supply, emergency rescue and disaster relief etc.


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