Oil Filled vs Water Filled Submersible Pumps

Oil filled submersible pumps and water cooler submersible pumps are common types of submerged motor. When pumps are immersed into water, air is not able to get into motor. Therefore, oil and water are used to cool down heated motors.

oil filled motor
oil filled submersible pumps

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Oil serves as cooling materials for oil filled motor, while water is used to cool down motor in water cooler type. Both of them are excellent in protecting motors underwater. In application, water cooler submersible pumps should be used in high water quality required places, because the leaked liquid from motor will not pollute whole water source. On the other hand, if oil leaks out from motor, it may bring disaster damage to water source. But as its excellent performance in frozen resistance, oil filled submersible pumps are more suitable for cold areas pumps use.


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