Vertical Pumps vs. Horizontal Pumps

Vertical pumps and horizontal pumps are two kinds of pumps installation methods. As name suggests, vertical pumps are installed vertically, while horizontal pumps are installed horizontally. Apart from this, what else differences between the two types? And how do we choose between them?

1. Connection Method

Vertical pumps need to be connected vertically from up to down, impeller and motor are linked vertically too. Horizontal pumps need to be installed horizontally on the set, motor and impeller are linked through coupling, but it needs to be corrected regularly.


Vertical pumps occupy less space than horizontal do. As horizontal pumps are equipped with set, customers need to set base on the ground. Inlet and outlet size of vertical pumps are the same and both lie in the same line.

3.Repair and Maintain

Repair of vertical pumps is more difficult and complex than horizontal pumps, all the upper parts are to be removed in repairing. However, horizontal pumps need only remove broken part. While vertical pumps work for long time, slide bearings under liquid needs to be changed. Or centrifugal force of shaft becomes larger and larger, which leads to mechanical accidents easily.

4.Installation Method

Vertical pumps are connected as one, so it is much easier to be installed. While horizontal pumps need to be adjusted accurately after installation.

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Vertical pumps can be divided into vertical multistage centrifugal pumps and vertical single stage centrifugal pump. Multistage pumps are used for low flow rate and high head situations such as constructive water supply system. Compared with horizontal one, vertical multistage pump is space saved, it can be installed straightly into tube, but when power is more than 75 kw, the pushing force may bring disaster effect to pumps. In such high power situation, we suggest horizontal pumps to be used.


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