Submersible Pumps in Pakistan

This morning, several customers from Pakistan came to visit our factory, It was a cold day, but our enthusiasm made them feel very warm. When they came to our factory, our selling personnel introduced the factory layout. Whole factory is divided into two parts, one lies in south while the other lies in north. South factory is mainly responsible for casting.
After visiting our working place, customers are led into establishing room, where all the products are listed. “These pumps are wonderful, they look so attractive”, said our customers. We introduced in detail about all the internal materials including pump shaft and casting etc. Then we stepped into producing room, all the machines and staffs are working, they were amazed at our high efficient working machine and strict monitor system. We told them each pump in each producing process must be tested strictly through testing machine, therefore, they chose several pumps and tested them all by themselves. When the results showed on the screen of testing machine, they were extremely glad and praised us all the way.

Pakistan submersible pumps
submersible pumps

When it came to customized service, we showed them some of our customized products, every piece of them were made all by ourselves. After visiting our factory, they were very happy that they found a best cooperator, therefore, soon after leaving factory, we made long-term business relationships. They ordered hundreds of fountain water submersible pumps immediately.
After they received products and installed them, they sent us email that all the pumps are in excellent working conditions, and they thanked us for providing so thoughtful services during whole purchasing process.


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