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Stainless Steel Pumps Australia

Stainless steel pumps in Australia are for hot sale now. Lots of stainless steel pumps specifications be chosen. As a professional stainless steel submersible pumps manufacturer, we have the most reasonable stainless steel pumps price. Automatic winding line and automatic stator wielding line guarantees quality of our stainless steel pumps australia. For large power pumps, our ample stock enables to meet your urgent needs. Being a top rated submersible pumps brand in the world, APK will be your most trustful cooperator.

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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 141mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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Stainless Steel Pumps Australia For Sale

Stainless steel pumps in Australia for sale are normally large power ones. Because of wear resistance performance of 316 or 304 stainless steel castings, our pumps are able to be used in many applications such as hot water and sea water transfer. All the internal materials we use are of the highest quality level. According to actual using conditions, we are able to provide stainless steel pumps range from 2.2kw to 450kw. QJ series and QS series can be chosen for various using conditions, QJ series are normally used for deep well or river water transfer. While QS series are used commonly for fountain. If you have special requirement on pumps parameter, please contact us and we are capable of providing customized service for you.

fountain pumps stainless steel
stainless steel pumps australia

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Stainless Steel Pumps Australia Price

Price of stainless steel pumps sent for Australia are different according to models and ordered numbers. We would like to receive order for large quantity pumps, and if you need wholesale stainless steel pumps, we are able to give reasonable wholesale price for you. As is known to us all, quality of pumps and working efficiency influences submersible pumps quality to large extent. In order to guarantee habitual excellent working performance, all the old machines are replaced with new CNC machine, and large sum of money are invested in improving our stainless steel foundry. Long service life of our pumps can be a wise investment to you.

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stainless steel pumps australia

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Stainless Steel Pumps Australia Quality

Till now, stainless steel pumps produced by APK have been sent everywhere around the world, and not a single pump is sent back for quality problem. Many old customers frequently praised out products as the longest life expectancy ones, and are all willing to build long term relationship with us. According to customers’ feedback, our stainless steel water pumps are able to be used for more than ten years without repairing. As national designated products, each of pumps must be tested strictly through professional testing machine. In designing process, we carefully make experiments on hydraulic system.

stainless steel pumps sale
stainless steel water pumps for sale

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Wholesale Stainless Steel Pumps Australia

Because of excellent working efficiency and ability of our company, we are capable enough to provide wholesale service for customers. Till now, large quantity of stainless steel pumps series are sent overboard and won great praise. In Australia, most of our stainless steel submersible pumps are used for transferring sea water or salt water. To guarantee the quality level of wholesale pumps, personnel tracking system is adopted together with our brilliant producing machines. Therefore, if you need wholesale stainless steel pumps, contact us anytime and we will offer the most reasonable wholesale stainless steel pumps price for you.

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Stainless Steel Pumps Australia Manufacturers

APK pumps is the top rated stainless steel submersible pumps manufacturer and supplier in China. With habitual quality level and competitive price lists, our products won great praise among customers. We offer customized service for you, any requirements on water pumps can be met through brilliant working capability of us. Strict management system and after sale service gives customers the most comfortable purchasing experience. If you need large power stainless steel pumps urgently, ample stock in our factory can meet your demand. Therefore, if you have interest in our products, please leave all your message below, we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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