Axial Type Submersible Pumps In Russia

Russian customers browsed our website and purchased 2 sets axial type submersible pumps for pumping river water.

In the initial communication, he told us that we need 800 square meters of flow per hour,the lift head is 5m. In the smooth communication between the two parties, our sales manager recommends purchasing the model:

axial submersible pump fo sales
Axial type submersible pumps in Russia

Axial submersible pump is a type of large-caliber, low-lift submersible pump. Its advantage is that it is highly efficient and can quickly extract river water. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry has achieved high success in the fields of fountain landscape, agricultural irrigation pump, water supply project, flood control and drainage, sewage treatment, etc., and thus obtained a variety of submersible pump certificates. If you need a large number of submersible pumps, we will sell them at the wholesale price of submersible pumps.