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Are you still wondering where to buy submersible pump in the most reasonable price? APK pump is a famous brand reputed mainly for best quality products. We have the professional CNC produce machines, together with high-tech testing machines to guarantee pumps performance. If you want to buy submersible pump, APK will be your best bet. Besides, ample stock for large power submersible pumps are waiting anytime for urgent order. If you have special requirements on pumps parameter, please come to us for high quality customized submersible pump. Various pumps specifications will sure to meet all your demands.

submersible pump for sale
buy submersible pump

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Buy Submersible Pump Near Me

Many customers would like to buy submersible pump locally, in order to meet the demand and to better serve our clients, we set many distributors and agents around the world. They have professional submersible pumps knowledge and are able to solve any problems for you. Therefore, if you intend to buy submersible pump near you, please find the brand for APK pump. Besides, we are still looking for overboard distributors all the time, once you are capacity enough to be a good cooperator, please read our distributor wanted requirement carefully and leave your detailed information, we will get in touch with you soon.

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Buy Submersible Pump Online

The major concern of buying submersible pump online lies in the high transportation cost and inconvenience after sale service. For transportation fee, we adopt bulk LCL transport to reduce unnecessary cost as much as possible. With branches lying everywhere around the world, we are able to offer you the most satisfying after sale service. For more than thirty years working experience, APK pumps are exported widely all over the world. Strict online selling system is set to ensure the best purchasing experience of customers. Our professional staff will be here 24 hours for solving all your problems, contact us if you want to buy submersible pump online.

submersible pumps for sale
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Buy Submersible Water Pump

According to customers’ feedback, our submersible water pump is able to be used for more than ten years, which proves long life expectancy of our pumps. When you buy submersible water pump online, quality level is extremely important. Habitual high quality submersible water pump mainly attributes to our strict testing system and modern produce skills. Protective devices are installed inside pump body to ensure the working safety. In each produce steps, attending personnel tracking system is adopted. Automatic producing line and modern CNC produce machines improved working efficiency of our factory to large extent. Buying high quality submersible water pump, contact us now!

submersible pump for sale
submersible water pump

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Buy Submersible Pump For Wells

Deep well submersible pumps are popular used for wide range of applications such as farmland irrigation and industrial water transfer. When installing submersible pumps under deep well, special rubber protective tube is made to protect both pump body and well wall from being collapsed. For meeting the demands for high head use, we did many submersible pumps experiments, excellent hydraulic system is adopted and brilliant full head designed is used finally. If want to buy large quantities of submersible pumps for wells, we have favorable wholesale price for you.

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Buy Customized Submersible Pump

Customized service is becoming more and more popular because of various applications and demands. In China, seldom submersible pumps are capable enough as APK company on providing customized service. In 2017, we invested in large sum of money and manpower in improving stainless steel foundry, power of submersible pumps motors are broadened largely. Till now, thousands of customized stainless steel submersible pumps are sold overboard and won great praise on smooth working performance and brilliant quality. We also set large pumps stock in our factory for meeting urgent needs of customers. Inventory information is changing constantly for hot demand, if you want to buy submersible pump urgently, please contact us for updated inventory, ordered products can be sent immediately without delaying.

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Buy Cheap Submersible Pump

Compared with other submersible pumps manufacturers around the world, APK owns the cheapest and the most ample manual labor, and thus the produce costs are much lower. Besides, many talents are introduced and modern CNC machines are adopted to help improve working efficiency of our factory. All the water pumps are produced and sold directly from us, no middle fee is charged between buyers and sellers. And the long life expectancy of our water well pumps reduced pumps using costs greatly. According to the investigation of customers, APK pumps are the of the highest cost-effective brand in whole submersible pumps market.

stainless steel water pumps for sale
stainless steel water pump

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How to Buy Submersible Pump

Submersible pump selection is extremely important, choosing best quality and suitable one may be a good investment for customers. Here we will give some tips on buying high quality submersible pump.

Firstly, brand represents corporate reputation and principle of a company. Choosing a top rated brand is a key step to best water pump. On qualifications, APK pumps are treated as national designated products many times in big occasions for habitual quality level, and are regarded as the most trustful and reliable pumps brands by old customers.

Secondly, head and flow range must be in accordance with actual needs. Before buying, customers should be aware of the required parameter, and choose suitable pumps models. Our professional staff will help you if you have trouble in choosing. Variable pumps specifications and models are sure to give you best purchasing experience.

Lastly, a weak quality pump leads to high cost in repairing and replacing. Therefore, choosing a long life expectancy pump helps reduce pumps price to large extent. More than ten years working time of our pumps help bring convenience to your life.

submersible water pumps for sale
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Submersible Pump Specifications

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
250QJ125-144/9 125 144 90 250
250QJ125-128/8 125 128 75 250
250QJ125-112/7 125 112 63 250
250QJ125-96/6 125 96 55 250
250QJ125-80/5 125 80 45 250
250QJ125-64/4 125 64 37 250
250QJ125-48/3 125 48 25 250
250QJ125-32/2 125 32 18.5 250
250QJ125-16/1 125 16 9.2 250
250QJ100-216/12 100 216 100 250
250QJ100-198/11 100 198 90 250
250QJ100-162/9 100 162 75 250
250QJ100-144/8 100 144 63 250
250QJ100-126/7 100 126 55 250
250QJ100-108/6 100 108 45 250
250QJ100-80/5 100 80 45 250
250QJ100-72/4 100 72 30 250
250QJ100-54/3 100 54 25 250
250QJ100-36/2 100 36 15 250
250QJ100-18/1 100 18 7.5 250
250QJ80-280/14 80 280 110 250
250QJ80-260/13 80 260 100 250
250QJ80-240/12 80 240 90 250

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Submersible Pump Uses

  1. Agricultural farmland irrigation
  2. Industrial water transfer
  3. Mining area dewatering use
  4. Fishing industry pump use
  5. Domestic water transfer etc
submersible pumps for sale
submersible pumps uses

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Submersible Pump For Sale

Cast iron submersible pump is the classical pump type and is still for hot sale now in our factory. Because of highly wear resistance and hardness, our cast iron pumps are able to be used in many complicated areas. However, in order to transfer light corrosive liquid, we provide stainless steel submersible pumps for you. Impact shape and delicate design makes it more and more popular among customers and become our core products. With improved stainless steel foundry, various stainless steel submersible pump specifications are made. Please contact us now if you need detailed introductions on our pumps types.

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Submersible Pump Manufacturers

APK pump company has manufactured all kinds of pumps parts and units for over 100,000. Our pumps are widely sold all over the world and won great praise among customers. In order to perfect pumps performance and improve produce efficiency, high tech automatic produce line is formed in our factory. Automatic stator wielding line, automatic winding line and automatic assemble line all helped a lot in pumps produce. To guarantee national standard quality level, professional B level test machines are adopted in each step of produce, any defective pumps parts must be sent back for reproducing. As top rated submersible pumps manufacturer in China, we are your most reliable partner.


APK will always be your best bet if you want to buy submersible pump in highest quality level. We have professional producing line and are able to offer you the best purchasing experience, therefore, if you want to buy submersible pump from us, please leave your detailed message below, we will contact you as soon as possible!


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