Submersible Irrigation Pump Selection

When it terms on submersible irrigation pump selection, several tips must be well aware to reduce unnecessary matters. If you don’t want a irrigation pump, those tips are also capable to be applied for other areas. After reading, you will get method on choosing best suitable irrigation pumps to meet your demand, and if still have puzzle on pumps problem, or you find it trouble in reading all those, just contact us and we will have professional staff to give you customized suggestions on submersible irrigation pump selection.


Before selecting irrigation pump, some key factors must be known and two primary factors includes the FLOW RATE and WATER PRESSURE. Flow Rate and head determines different models you should choose. If you one pick a pump casually without knowing exact flow rate and head, he or she may find it useless in most of conditions. And once you get a suitable pump, it can be a good helper in sprinkling.
Another key factor is the operating water pressure. Water pressure may change a lot in different working conditions and areas. On submersible irrigation pump selection, one needs to get to know actual water pressure.

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Apart from the two primary factors, other processes need to be considered in order to avoid false lead of others.



As said above, flow rate, head range and pressure is like signal on each models. Be sure to get all these parameter clearly before buying an irrigation pump. Most may get trouble in selecting a sprinkler pump before planning, and finding that those pumps are not suitable for their applications, then they need to buy a brand new pump again. Once giving exact flow rate and water pressure, staff in professional submersible pump company will help you out if you don’t have time to pick by yourself.


On the labels of each pumps, we may find nominal parameter, and most customers tend to calculate actual parameter according to nominal one. When submersible pumps are working, many other consume energy should be accounted in fingering out actual parameter, such as NPSH. Some unprofessional submersible pump manufacturers and suppliers may ignore this and fool customers with label parameter. Therefore, on submersible irrigation pump selection, customers should be careful not to be cheated by this. If you lack pump knowledge like that, finding a reliable and trustful submersible pump company is a good choice.




When submersible pumps are used for agricultural farmland irrigation, high pressure type must be chosen, or the head and water pressure are not able to meet the requirement on sprinkler use. Most small stores and companies would like to name small and inexpensive pumps as irrigation pumps or sprinkler pumps, but actually only HIGH PRESSURE SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS are excellent in irrigation and sprinkling. Knowing that will help you a lot in avoiding purchasing not suitable pump.


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After knowing basic knowledge on submersible irrigation pump selection, we make a brief REVIEW ON SUBMERSIBLE IRRIGATION PUMP SELECTION

  1. (Choosing a reliable submersible pump manufacturer and supplier if you don’t have time and energy on choosing by yourself)
  2. Be aware of actual head, flow rate and water pressure you need
  3. Select the type of pump on account of parameter and designing structure
  4. Confirm pump models and size(knowing more details from professional staff can be helpful to large extent)
  5. Go shopping


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