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Submersible Pump For Sale

Many sorts of submersible pump for sale now in our company. We have the most reasonable submersible pump price list and best premium quality level. As a leading brand of submersible pump manufacturer in China, we set specific stock for large power pumps, so that your urgent need can be met. If larger power or flow required, we are capable enough on providing customized products for you. Each customized submersible pump for sale must be tested strictly through testing machine, along with our attending personnel tracking system, the quality level of our water pumps can be excellent guaranteed. Contact us if you want best purchasing experience.

deep well submersible pump for sale
submersible pump for sale



Working Parameter

Flow Range: 10 – 5003/h

Head Range: 15 – 500m

Diameter Range: φ50 – φ200mm

Temperature Range: 0 – 35℃

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Submersible Pump For Sale Australia

Australia as one of our hot market on submersible pumps, has widely accepted our reputation on the most reliable pumps manufacturers. We made many business relationships with old customers from Australia and they were all willing to choose us as long term cooperator. Main feature of our products lie in premium quality and long life expectancy. According to customers’ feedback, our well pumps are used for more than ten years and are still working in smooth condition. Because of strict test system we adopt, the passing rate of APK water pumps reaches more than 90%, seldom do customers complain about quality on our products.

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submersible pump for sale casting

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Submersible Bore Pump For Sale

Submersible bore pump in our company can be used in many conditions such as farmland irrigation, industrial water transfer, sea water transfer, fishing industry and mining area water transfer etc. According to pumps castings, submersible bore pump for sale can be approximately divided into stainless steel types and cast iron types. Stainless steel water pumps are more popular used for excellent corrosion resistance feature and their good looking appearance. On the contrary, cast iron pumps as classical types of water pumps, are widely used to transfer no corrosive water in many areas.

submersible pump for sale price
submersible pump for sale factory

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Deep Well Submersible Pump For Sale

Deep well submersible pump is commonly needed everywhere because of its variable applications. In installation process, we specially designed pumps protective cover, preventing both pumps body and well from being collapsed. To guarantee smooth working condition of our pump, we carefully designed its hydraulic system, many submersible pump experiments are made and the best one is chosen. For large power pumps, our delicate design makes them more energy saving than pumps in other companies. If you want large quantity of deep well submersible pumps, we would like to offer reasonable wholesale pumps price for you.

customized submersible pump for sale
submersible pump for sale australia

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Electric Submersible Pump For Sale

The major concern on electric submersible pump for sale is the safety. In order to ensure its safety working condition and protect pump from burning, we installed protective devices inside pump motor, the over heat and over flow devices enable to give alarm in dangerous situations. Every part inside pump body is made according to national standard. Professional and advanced stator wielding line, together with stamping machine, makes stator in our factory more smooth and electricity. Many common problems such as shaft loosen is successfully solved by our company, we are still on our way to innovate and improve water well pumps performance.

3hp submersible pump for sale
submersible bore pump for sale

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Submersible Pump 3hp For Sale

3hp submersible pump specifications in our company are various, different models and flow range can meet all your demands. Standing on the view of customers, 3hp submersible pumps for sale in APK is made easy to be installed and operated. Its full head design gives customers brilliant using experience. Pump body and motor are linked as one. Two layers of corrosion resistance paints protect cast iron pumps from being corroded. If you want large sum of 3hp submersible pump, we are able to provide wholesale service for you.

customized submersible pump for sale
large power submersible pump for sale

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5hp Submersible Pump For Sale

According to 5hp pumps casting ordered, all together three types of pumps castings are used, including wax film, sand film and lost foam castings. Most small submersible pump suppliers and factories are unable to produce them by themselves. However, with strong strength factory of us, we own the most advanced producing lines and are capable enough to master three techniques skillfully. To guarantee high quality level of our pumps, we choose to test each single pump of us. Through professional testing machine, pumps performance can be tested and those under standard will be sent back for reproducing.

customized submersible pump for sale
submersible pump for sale factory

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Submersible Pump For Sale Specifications

Here we will provide several submersible pump for sale specifications, we have specific submersible pump specification if you need.

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
250QJ160-150/10 160 150 110 250
250QJ160-135/9 160 135 100 250
250QJ160-120/8 160 120 90 250
250QJ160-105/7 160 105 75 250
250QJ160-90/6 160 90 63 250
250QJ160-75/5 160 75 55 250
250QJ160-60/4 160 60 45 250
250QJ160-45/3 160 45 30 250
250QJ160-30/2 160 30 22 250
250QJ160-15/1 160 15 13 250
250QJ140-180/12 140 180 125 250
250QJ140-165/11 140 165 110 250
250QJ140-150/10 140 150 100 250
250QJ140-135/9 140 135 90 250
250QJ140-120/8 140 120 75 250
250QJ140-105/7 140 105 63 250
250QJ140-90/6 140 90 55 250
250QJ140-75/5 140 75 45 250
250QJ140-60/4 140 60 37 250
250QJ140-45/3 140 45 30 250
250QJ140-30/2 140 30 18.5 250
250QJ140-22/1 140 22 13 250
250QJ140-15/1 140 15 9.2 250

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Customized Submersible Pump For Sale

In many complicated situations, universal submersible pumps may not able to meet the demand of customers. Therefore, with advanced skills, we are capable enough on providing the high quality customized pumps for you. Flow rate and head range can be required based on actual using conditions. To guarantee pumps quality, professional staffs are set in each producing steps. With strict attending personnel tracking system, performance of our customized submersible pump for sale are of the highest level. If you need customized service, please contact us now and we will give you detailed customized designing plan on your requirements.

submersible pump 3hp for sale
high quality submersible pump for sale

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Large Power Submersible Pump For Sale

Large power submersible pump is normally used for industry or mining areas, with strong strength factory of us, we are capable of providing pumps range from 2.2kw to 450kw, the flow rate is made from 10m³/h to 1800m³/h. Many of large power water pumps of us are exported everywhere around the world and got great praise. For meeting urgent, we have ample large power pumps stock in factory. Because of large demand, inventory information is always changing, therefore, contact us for updated inventory if you need. Furthermore, We would like to provide you with the wholesale service once you order large quantity of them.

submersible pump for sale
customized submersible pump for sale

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Stainless Steel Submersible Pump For Sale

On stainless steel producing technology, APK is rated on the top of the pumps market. In 2017, we invested in large amount of money and manpower in improving our stainless steel foundry. Wax film casting skill enable us to promote stainless steel producing output for more than eight thousand per month. All sorts of stainless steel products such as sea water pumps and fountain water pumps are sold all around the world. 304 stainless steel pumps and 316 stainless steel pumps can be well chosen for transferring sea water and salt water. Contact us now and we will provide high quality stainless steel customized submersible pumps for you.

submersible pump 3hp for sale
electric submersible pump for sale

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Submersible Pump For Sale Price

Price of our submersible pumps are the most reasonable and competitive one among whole water pumps markets. Main reason for this is high working efficiency of our factory. With automatic winding line, automatic stator wielding line and automatic assemble line, working efficiency and parts quality are improved to large extent. Besides, cost-effective water pumps parts enable long service life of our pumps. For more detailed submersible pump price list, please contact us so that we are able to give you reasonable quotations.

submersible pump for sale price
large power submersible pump for sale

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Submersible Pump For Sale Manufacturer

APK as the most professional and expert in designing as well as producing submersible pumps, has manufactured more than 100,000 pumps parts and units. We are responsible for designing and assembling all kinds of water pumps. Apart from quality products, we are also brilliant in our after sale service.
1.Free visit to our company and factory anytime
2.Detailed introduction on pumps models according to customers’ need
3.Free repair and maintain in one year
4.Detailed and professional instruction taught
5.Professional staff waiting 24 hours for your contact


For finding best suitable submersible pump for sale, APK is destined to be your best choice. Here we have best quality products with competitive price list, therefore, contact us immediately if you have the intention. Please feel free to leave all your message below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


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