submersible pump price list 50hp

Submersible Pump Price List

Submersible pump price list in APK has always been regarded as the most reasonable and competitive one among whole submersible pumps industry. Many submersible pumps specifications can be found in our company. Since foundation, we did millions of experiments to improve water pumps working performance and reduce unnecessary costs as much as possible. Price list of large power submersible pumps can be found here and we promise to offer you the most satisfying purchasing experience with the most competitive price. If you have special requirement on submersible pumps, contact us now and we provide you with customized service.

submersible pump price list in Nigeria
submersible pump price list


Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Submersible Pump Price List 1hp

1hp submersible pump is a low power pump used mainly for domestic and farmland irrigation. Compared with other manufacturers, we have advanced CNC produce machines to produce best quality water pumps. Old machines are substituted with new automatic winding line and automatic stator wielding line, therefore, working efficiency is improved to large extent. Besides, lie in the center part of China, we have the most ample working manual labors, whole producing costs are relatively lower than those in others parts. That is why submersible pump price list 1hp can be low in our company.

submersible pump price list 1hp
submersible pumps price list

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Submersible Pump Price List pdf

Submersible pump price list pdf can be given from our selling personnel, if you have intention, please contact us and we will give you detailed quotations. As a reference, here we will give parts of our submersible pumps specifications and models. Contact us now if you need more details.

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
300QJ500-90/6 500 90 220 300
300QJ500-75/5 500 75 180 300
300QJ500-60/4 500 60 140 300
300QJ500-45/3 500 45 110 300
300QJ500-30/2 500 30 75 300
300QJ500-15/1 500 15 30 300
300QJ400-120/3 400 120 220 300
300QJ400-80/2 400 80 160 300
300QJ400-40/1 400 40 75 300
300QJ300-80/4 300 80 110 300
300QJ300-60/3 300 60 75 300
300QJ300-40/2 300 40 55 300
300QJ300-20/1 300 20 25 300
300QJ240-110/5 240 110 100 300
300QJ240-88/4 240 88 100 300
300QJ240-66/3 240 66 75 300
300QJ240-44/2 240 44 45 300
300QJ240-22/1 240 22 22 300
300QJ200-120/6 200 120 110 300
300QJ200-100/5 200 100 90 300
300QJ200-80/4 200 80 75 300
300QJ200-60/3 200 60 55 300
300QJ200-40/2 200 40 37 300
300QJ200-30/1 200 30 25 300
300QJ200-20/1 200 20 18.5 300

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Submersible Pump Price List 3hp

As is known to us all, all together three casting methods are frequently used, which includes wax film, sand film and lost foam casting. Now, above three casting skills are all mastered by us skillfully, especially for wax film. Stainless steel parts are made smooth and in excellent working condition by our professional stainless steel foundry. From pumps parts to units, whole produce process is controlled totally by ourselves. Therefore, submersible pump price list 3hp are the most frequently asked by customers and are always for hot sale because of our premium level quality standard.

submersible pump price list 50hp
large power submersible pump price list

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Submersible Pump Price List 5hp

5hp submersible pump can be briefly divided into types according to their castings, one is for stainless steel type, while the other being cast iron. Cast iron 5hp submersible pumps are the classic types which show excellent working performance in transferring clean water for irrigation or fountain etc. With more complicated liquid condition, 5hp submersible pump specifications are becoming more plentiful. Because of corrosion resistance performance, stainless steel submersible pumps of 304 and 316 become core products of us. Detailed submersible pump price list 5hp can be given if you need.

submersible pump price list in Pakistan
submersible pump price list 5hp

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Submersible Pump Price List In Pakistan

Most of our products are sent to Pakistan and did great contributions on water transferring in various conditions. Many old customers from Pakistan choose APK as long term cooperator because of our high quality water well pumps. To guarantee national quality standard, all the internal materials must be tested before choosing. Stators, as core parts in pump units, are made through professional automatic stator wielding machine, which are smooth and concrete. Copper wire of us are far more beyond national standard. Each pump must be immersed under water for over 24 hours in produce process, thus the passing rate of our pumps reaches more than 99%. Choosing best submersible pump manufacturer, APK will be the best bet.

submersible pump price list malaysia
submersible pump price list in Pakistan

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Submersible Pump Price List In Bangladesh

With larger demands on stainless steel submersible pumps in Bangladesh, we invested in large amount of money and manpower in improving and perfecting our stainless steel foundry. Now, we have modern stainless steel producing line, together with attending personnel tracking system, ss pumps quality level and produce efficiency are both improved. Main products of stainless steel include 304 type and 316 type. Because of highly corrosion performance, 316 stainless steel pumps are frequently used for transferring sea water or salt water. If you have interest in stainless steel submersible pump price list in Bangladesh, our personnel will show you detailed quotations and models.

submersible pump price list 2hp
submersible pump price list in Bangladesh

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Borewell Submersible Pump Price List

Reasonable borewell submersible pump price list in our company lies mainly in our low using costs. According to customers’ feedback, our borewell submersible pumps are normally used for more than ten years. However, if buying a weak well pump, customers may spend large sum of money in repairing and maintaining, whole using costs are increased largely. As a leading brand of China submersible pumps company, our submersible water pumps are frequently tested through machines, showing excellent working performance. And brilliant hydraulic design and motor make our well pumps easier to be mastered and operated.

submersible pump price list 1hp
domestic submersible pump price list

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Domestic Submersible Pump Price List

Water as an important source for human beings, are widely used everywhere in human livings. And domestic submersible pumps, as vital devices for transferring drinking water or for irrigation, are always on hot demand everywhere in the world. Unlike agricultural pumps or industrial pumps, original design concept of domestic pump is to make it easier to be used by anyone. Therefore, we make our water pumps impact and easy to be installed. QS types of well pumps can be suitable used for home, small power and delicate hydraulic design enable them popular accepted by customers. The horsepower and energy of domestic pumps are the lowest, and the domestic submersible pump price list is normally the cheapest.

submersible pump price list 1.5hp
submersible pump price list in Nigeria

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Submersible Pump Price List 2hp

APK pumps manufacturer owns more than thirty years working experience, we have designed and produced submersible pumps parts and units for more than 100,000. As a submerged pumps of 2hp, shaft loosen is the common problem in whole pumps markets. We changed the cohesive method and replaced materials with the field of chrome and finally successfully solved the problems. With strong strength factory of us own, we are able to produce best 2hp submersible pumps. And large power pumps can also be made, if you have special requirements on pumps models, we are able to provide customized service.

submersible pump price list malaysia
submersible pump price list

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Submersible Pump Price List 1.5hp

Best quality of pump is not only determined by internal materials, test system is also playing a vital role. Sample survey is a frequently test method for most submersible pumps companies, however, as a leading brand in pumps markets, we stick to test each of pump carefully through professional testing machine. Professional staffs are set in each producing process to be responsible for its quality. If test results are less than standard, water pumps will be sent back for reproducing. For providing better 1.5 hp, we are always innovating and promoting pumps performance.

submersible pump price list in Mumbai
submersible pump price list 50hp

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Submersible Pump Price List Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the key country of us on providing large quantity of submersible pumps each years. Therefore, in order to provide better service, we are now looking for local distributors or agents. Professional installation and maintenance skills would be taught together with selling strategy if you need. If you are qualified enough to be our distributors, please read distributor wanted requirements carefully and leave your detailed message to us. We would like to receive large orders from Malaysia, and favourable wholesale submersible pump price list Malaysia would be offered.

submersible pump price list in Nigeria
submersible pump parts price list

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Submersible Pump Price List In Mumbai

One major cost on buying submersible pump online is the transport fee, in order to save transportation fee in Mumbai and other areas, we adopt bulk LCL export. Overboard distributors and agents in Mumbai helps realize door to door service for you. Apart from this, when ordering large quantity pumps, we will provide wholesale service for you. Until now, many of our water pumps are sent to Mumbai and are used for long period of time, because of our brilliant quality products and satisfying after service, our pumps got great praise in Mumbai.

submersible pump price list in Pakistan
borewell submersible pump price list

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Submersible Pump Price List In Nigeria

With frequent cooperation in Nigeria, our brand reputation is received widely in the country. As the biggest and most strong strength pumps factory in China, our pumps’ using rate reaches more than 70% only in China. For many times, our products are treated as official designated products used widely by National Water Conservancy Bureau. In large international occasions such as the Olympic Games, our water pumps all played important roles. For more detailed information on submersible pump price list in Nigeria, please contact us now.

submersible pump price list malaysia
1.5 hp submersible pump price list

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Submersible Pump Price List 50hp

Large power pumps such as 50hp pumps and 100hp pumps are suitable to be used for industrial and mining area water transfer. In order to save energy, we did many submersible pumps experiments and designed smooth hydraulic system. APK pumps factory is able to produce pumps range from 2.2kw to 450kw. If you want larger pumps, we have customized service for you. And in order to meet urgent need on large power pumps, specific large power pumps stock is set in our factory, the inventory information is changing all the time for large demand. Therefore, if you have need large power pumps urgently, please contact us to check updated inventory, and those ordered pumps will be sent immediately.

submersible pump price list 50hp
price list of submersible pump

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Price List Of Submersible Pump

Innovation is the core sprite of our company, we are constantly designing new types of submersible water well pumps according to actual needs. Therefore, price list of submersible pump is accordingly changing. With advanced CNC machines, we expanded the power of the 7’’ submersible pump motor to 22kw, 25kw, 30kw, 37kw and 16 inch submersible pump series power is expanded to 160kw-410kw. On producing perfect submersible pumps for customers, we are always on the way.

Submersible pump price list in APK is promised to keep the most reasonable level among whole pumps markets, we can be your best cooperator and trustful wholesaler. Therefore, if you have intention on knowing the latest submersible pump price list of us, please leave your detailed information, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!!


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