water well submersible pumps

Water Well Pumps Submersible

Do you have intention on buying best quality water well pumps submersible? Are you still worried about water well pumps submersible price? As a popular used product, APK did many submersible pumps experiments and made water well pumps submersible in our company to be in the most brilliant working performance. In order to guarantee pumps quality, we test each of our pumps before selling. For large power pumps, we have ample storage so as to meet urgent needs. Advanced stainless steel producing line enables to provide customized service for you. Any requirements of submersible water well pumps can be satisfied by us. Contact us immediately for best purchasing experience.

water well submersible pumps
water well pumps submersible
submersible water well pumps for sale
submersible pumps well
water well pumps
well submersible pumps
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submersible pumps well
water well pumps
well submersible pumps
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Motor Parameter

NEMA standard

Insulation Level: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 144mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Costs

According to customers’ feedback, water well pumps submersible of our company are capable of using for over ten years in excellent working performance. Long service life water pumps are sure to save large amount of money for users. Besides, with our strong strength factory, extra expenditure on middle man is reduced. Lie in the middle part of China, we own the most ample and cheapest manual labor, along with our advanced producing technology, whole producing costs are relatively low of APK. Therefore, water well pumps submersible price is always praised as the most reasonable and competitive one.

submersible water pumps
water well pumps submersible

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Water Well Pumps Submersible For Sale

Cast iron submersible pumps are classical types used frequently by users from all over the world. With excellent features in wear resistance and hardness, they are able to be used for long period of time. On installation, we made special rubber cover to protect both pump body and well wall from being collapsed. On account of complicated using applications, stainless steel has become a popular pump casting. Highly corrosion resistance of stainless steel enables pumps to be used for transferring hot water or light corrosive liquid easily and conveniently. If you need large power submersible pumps, we have ample storage and are able to send out immediately.

deep water pumps for wells
deep well pump

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Selection

When searching for the most suitable water well pumps submersible, several factors must be taken into consideration, here we will give you some suggestions on how to select best water well submersible pumps.
1.Different applications require different sorts of pumps, when deciding which pumps to buy, customers should be aware of the required power and flow rate. If they are to be used for industrial area, then large power pumps may be needed. On the contrary, domestic pumps usually require small power or head. Various of submersible water well pumps specifications are sure to meet all your demands.
2.Quality of pumps are extremely important in deciding service life. Long service life water pumps are a wise investment. In producing procedure, each single pump of APK needs to tested through national B level testing machine. Passing rate of our pumps reaches far more than 99.9%. Therefore, on choosing best premium water well pumps, APK is the primary choice!

2 inch submersible water well pumps
water well pumps submersible

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Animation

When water well pumps are turning on, motor starts working and drives all other parts into working conditions. In order to guarantee whole pumps performance, quality of each internal parts are extremely important. With high technique stamping machine, stator and copper wire are of the highest quality level and beyond national standard. On hydraulic design, we made several tests and finally chose the most excellent one. Full head design enables industrial and mining use.

pump deep well
water well pumps submersible

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
200QJ32-26/2 32 26 4 10.1


603 405 184 69
200QJ32-39/3 39 5.5 13.6 618 540 89
200QJ32-52/4 52 7.5 18 648 860 101
200QJ32-65/5 65 10 24.7 673 995 113 50
200QJ32-78/6 78 13 29.7 703 1130 140 65
200QJ32-91/7 91 15 33.9 876 1265 169 83
200QJ32-104/8 104 18.5 41.6 926 1400 190 93
200QJ32-117/9 117 22 48.2 1177 1535 243 134
200QJ32-130/10 130 22 48.2 1177 1700 255 134
200QJ32-143/11 143 22 48.2 1177 1835 267 134
200QJ32-156/12 156 25 54.5 1237 1870 291 146
200QJ32-169/13 169 25 54.5 1237 2105 303 146
200QJ32-182/14 182 30 65.4 1317 2240 330 161
200QJ32-195/15 195 30 65.4 1317 2375 342 161
200QJ32-208/16 208 37 79.7 1452 2510 366 183
200QJ32-221/17 221 37 79.7 1452 2645 378 183
200QJ32-234/18 234 37 79.7 1452 2780 390 183
200QJ32-247/19 247 45 96.9 1537 2915 419 199
200QJ32-260/20 260 45 96.9 1537 3050 431 199
200QJ32-273/21 273 45 96.9 1537 3185 443 199


286 45 96.9 1537 3320 455 199

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Customize

As a large submersible pumps manufacturer, we are able to offer customized service for you. For now, we invested large amount of money in stainless steel foundry and improving our stainless steel producing line. All the customized pumps will be tested strictly. Because of attending personnel tracking system we adopted, every sold customized stainless steel pumps get widely praised among customers. With constant innovation spirit, we have successfully expanded 7 inch submersible pumps motor power to 22kw, 25kw, 30kw and 37kw, 16 inch water well submersible pumps power is developed to 160kw-410kw to provide 2pole/2900rp and 4pole/ 2900rpm. If you have special requirements on submersible well water pumps, please contact us and we will exert to meet your demands.

well water pumps submersible
water well pumps submersible for sale

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Distributor

As a large submersible pumps manufacturer, our branches spread everywhere around China, because hot demand of our products in overboard market, we are looking for excellent cooperator to be our local distributor or agent. We would like to give detailed instructions on pumps installation and maintain. End customers of us are able to be shared if you have interest. All the water pumps we provide will sure to be on highest quality standard. If you have intention on being our distributor, please read distributor wanted requirements of us carefully and leave all your message inside, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

submersible water pumps for wells
water well pumps for sale

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Brands

Top rated Chinese water well pumps submersible brand is sure to belong to APK. With more than 70% using rate only in the country, APK becomes the most reliable and trustful brand to customers. With excellent working performance and quality, our products are for many times regarded as the National Designated Products to be used in large occasions, such as the Olympic Games and National Disaster and Flood Control. In order to carry social responsibility bravely and response to national call, we installed a series of environmental friendly devices inside our factory and passed standard of Environmental Protection Bureau successfully.

water pump deep well
water well pumps submersible

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Water Well Pumps Submersible Suppliers

For now, APK has produced and assembled all sorts of water pumps parts for more than 100,000. With thirty years working experience, we mastered three castings techniques skillfully. In order to better improve working efficiency, we replaced all the old machine tool into CNC machine. Automatic assemble line, automatic stator wielding line and automatic winding line all helped in improving producing quality to large extent. As a reliable submersible pumps manufacturers, we would like to offer you the most comfortable services. If you have trouble in selecting the most suitable pumps, our personnel would like to give you detailed introductions.

deep well pump
water pump deep well

Our ample stock is able to provide you with large power pumps, if you need them urgently, please contact us soon and we will send them out immediately. On buying best quality water well pumps submersible, APK will never let you down. If you have any intention, please fell free to leave all your message below, we are able to contact you as soon as possible!!


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