1hp Submersible Pump

Being a small horsepower downhole pump, 1hp submersible pump is widely used in all sorts of deep well and other areas for water transferring. On account of hot demand, APK pumps designed many sorts of 1hp submersible pump specifications, all of which are in reasonable price level. Till now, submersible pump 1hp produced by APK are sold all over the world and won great praise. Because of energy saving motor and delicate design, they become a good helper in domestic and agricultural area. For buying 1hp submersible pump online, APK will be your best choice.

1hp submersible pump cost
1hp submersible pump

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1hp Submersible Pump Price

Submersible pump 1hp in APK is always rewarded as the most cost-effective products, not only for national standard quality level, but also for our reasonable and competitive price. The main reason for low 1hp submersible pump price lies in high working efficiency. Lying in the middle part of China, we own ample and cheap manual labor, with development of factory, old produce machines got replaced by new CNC machines. Automatic produce line together with attending personnel tracking system enables us to produce premium products in short time. Produce costs are largely reduced and the purchasing price is accordingly narrowed.

1hp submersible pump current
1hp submersible pump set

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1hp Submersible Pump Starter

Because of special working condition, 1hp submersible pump starter is installed on the ground. We have many sorts of 1hp submersible pump starter, which is also known as control panel. Different multi-functional 1hp submersible pump starter can be chosen according to pump models, contact us for more types. All the pumps parts are designed to work in safety condition in working, many protective devices such as over flow and over heat equipment are installed to prevent pump motor from burning down. Hundreds of submersible pump experiments are made on guaranteeing excellent performance of 1hp water pumps.

1hp submersible pump cost
1hp submersible pump price

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1hp Submersible Pump Price List

1hp water pump price varies according to pump models and castings. For now, we have two castings pumps for sale, one is stainless steel type while the other is cast iron type. Because of strong hardness and highly wear resistance performance, cast iron pump is recognized as classical water pump. On transferring sea water and salt water, 304 and 316 stainless steel pumps are suitable choice. Price of ss pump is much higher than cast iron one, buy have better performance. Three phase and single phase water pump prices are also different, if you want detailed 1hp submersible pump price list, please contact us now.

1hp submersible pump current
1hp submersible pump capacity

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1hp Submersible Pump Specifications

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
300QJ500-90/6 500 90 220 300
300QJ500-75/5 500 75 180 300
300QJ500-60/4 500 60 140 300
300QJ500-45/3 500 45 110 300
300QJ500-30/2 500 30 75 300
300QJ500-15/1 500 15 30 300
300QJ400-120/3 400 120 220 300
300QJ400-80/2 400 80 160 300
300QJ400-40/1 400 40 75 300
300QJ300-80/4 300 80 110 300
300QJ300-60/3 300 60 75 300
300QJ300-40/2 300 40 55 300
300QJ300-20/1 300 20 25 300
300QJ240-110/5 240 110 100 300
300QJ240-88/4 240 88 100 300
300QJ240-66/3 240 66 75 300
300QJ240-44/2 240 44 45 300
300QJ240-22/1 240 22 22 300
300QJ200-120/6 200 120 110 300
300QJ200-100/5 200 100 90 300
300QJ200-80/4 200 80 75 300
300QJ200-60/3 200 60 55 300
300QJ200-40/2 200 40 37 300
300QJ200-30/1 200 30 25 300
300QJ200-20/1 200 20 18.5 300

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1hp Submersible Pump Current

1hp submersible pump is a relatively small horsepower pump, energy consuming is lower than other pumps. For domestic water pump, we suggest single phase pump, utilizing under 220v, while large power pumps with three phase are normally used under 380v, 50Hz. All the motor equipped are of the highest standard and are capable of working under smooth condition. Water cooler submersible motor is frequently used for transferring clean water and residential water. Full head design enables smooth and safety performance.

1hp submersible pump price list
1hp borewell submersible pump

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1hp Submersible Pump Cost

Apart from purchasing price, using cost should be also included in 1hp submersible pump cost. Buying a weak pump for the first time, then customers may get trouble in spending large sum of money in repairing, maintaining and even replacing with brand new one. Long life expectancy pump of APK is able to save money for you. According to feedback from customers, submersible pump 1hp of our company is able to be used for more than ten years. Brilliant quality level and safety working condition gives you best purchasing experience and saves more costs.

1hp submersible pump price list
1hp submersible pump

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1hp Submersible Pump Capacity

With strong strength factory of us own, we are able to make pumps ranges from 10m3/h to 1800m³/h in 1hp submersible pump capacity, and head ranges from 10-500m, perfectly adopted in various using applications. On meeting smooth requirement on performance, we compared several internal parts and made experiments on testing pumps hydraulic system. Each pump must be tested through professional testing machine reaching National B Level. Customized service provided so as to fitting to more complicated areas. Contact us now if you have special requirements on 1hp submersible pump capacity.

1hp submersible pump capacity
1hp submersible pump for sale

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1hp Submersible Pump Set

Unlike on ground pump, pump unit and pump motor of submerged pumps are all designed together as one, making it more easier to work under water for long time. 1hp submersible pump set consists of motor, pump units as well as lifting pipe. Clean water is filled into motor so as to cool down heated motor and lubricate bearing. Polyethylene insulation nylon sheet and water-resistance magnet wire are adopted on motor winding. Jilt sand ring and framework oil seal is used to prevent liquid leaking out of motor. Vertical multistage centrifugal impeller is frequently adopted. Blower inlet casing is used to transfer liquid.

1hp submersible pump set
1hp submersible pump company

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1hp Borewell Submersible Pump

Most 1hp submersible pumps are used for transferring water from deep well, known as borewell submersible pump. In installation process, we specially make rubber cover and to equip it around pump units, protecting both pump and well wall from collapsing. Head of it can be high enough for irrigation and industrial need. All sorts of 1hp borewell submersible pump types are for hot sale. If you have special requirement on head or flow capacity, please get in touch with us and we are able to offer you customized service.

1hp water pumps for sale
1hp fountain water pumps

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Customized 1hp Submersible Pump

Many customers find it hard to get suitable models in some complicated applications, on account of this, we provide you with satisfying customized service. Head and flow rate can all be customized according to your actual need and requirement. With improved stainless steel foundry, stainless steel water pumps customized by us are widely sold all over the world and are all in excellent working performance. For large pumps, we have ample stock to meet your urgent needs. As hot demand on our products, inventory information is constantly changing, come to us for updated inventory if you need pumps urgently.

1hp submersible pump cost
1hp submersible fountain water pump

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1hp Submersible Pump Online

For online purchasing, most difficult task is to provide satisfying after sale service. In terms of this, we cooperate widely with local agents to better serve customers. Apart from offering high quality pumps, we also give detailed and professional instructions on maintain. Bulk LCL transport method is possibly used in order to reduce transport fee. As experts in submersible pumps market, we are experienced enough to design and produce best suitable water pumps for you. Reliable reputation and widely recognized pumps brand of APK is the reason for choosing us as your online shop firmly.

1hp submersible pump cost
1hp fountain pumps for sale

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1hp Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Among boundless of 1hp submersible pump manufacturers, APK is listed on the top. Strong strength factory is a vital guarantee for our high quality 1hp submersible pump and competitive price. Automatic stator wielding line, automatic winding line and automatic assemble line all improve working efficiency of factory. Large quantity of high-tech talents are introduced for designing new pumps types and testing pumps performance. Strict attending personnel tracking system is adopted for guaranteeing pumps quality. For best 1hp submersible pump, please choose APK pump and we will never let you down.

Various 1hp submersible pump specifications gives you more chance of choosing, reasonable price offers you best purchasing experience, and high quality enables to save large amount of money for you. On buying best 1hp submersible pump, please come to us and leave your detailed information below, we promise to contact you as soon as possible!!


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