large 12v water pump for sale

Large 12v Water Pump

Large 12v water pump is the most important pumping machine used widely for industrial and farmland irrigation etc. Price of large 12v water pump in APK is proved to be the most reasonable and competitive one because of our high strong strength factory of us own. If you have special requirement on pumps head and flow rate, we are capable enough to provide you with customized service. Life expectancy of our 12v water pump can be reach as long as ten years. If you need large quantity of pumps, cheap and favorable wholesale large 12 volt water pump price will be given.

large 12 volt water pump
large 12v water pump

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Large 12v Water Pump For Sale

If you want pumps for transferring light corrosive liquid such as sea water and salt water, we strongly suggest our highly corrosion resistance stainless steel water pump for you. Impact shape and delicate design enable smooth working performance of our ss pumps. 316 and 304 series stainless steel water pumps can be chosen based on actual needs. For classical type, cast iron submersible water pump is excellent in transferring deep well water and river water. Wear resistance and hardness performance give you best using experience.

large 12v water pump for sale
wholesale large 12v water pump

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Large 12v Water Pump Specification

Here is part of specification on large 12v water pump, if you want to know more details, please come to our submersible pumps specifications or contact us directly, our professional staffs will give detailed introduction and suggestion to you.

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
300QJ500-90/6 500 90 220 300
300QJ500-75/5 500 75 180 300
300QJ500-60/4 500 60 140 300
300QJ500-45/3 500 45 110 300
300QJ500-30/2 500 30 75 300
300QJ500-15/1 500 15 30 300
300QJ400-120/3 400 120 220 300
300QJ400-80/2 400 80 160 300
300QJ400-40/1 400 40 75 300
300QJ300-80/4 300 80 110 300
300QJ300-60/3 300 60 75 300
300QJ300-40/2 300 40 55 300
300QJ300-20/1 300 20 25 300
300QJ240-110/5 240 110 100 300
300QJ240-88/4 240 88 100 300
300QJ240-66/3 240 66 75 300
300QJ240-44/2 240 44 45 300

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Large 12v Water Pump Price

Price of submersible pump has always been a major strength of APK, main reason for which is the high capability factory of us own. Unlike other submersible pumps suppliers, all the products are produced and sold by ourselves, existing no middle charge within. Automatic producing line and advanced produce technology improved working efficiency to large extent. Long expectancy of water pumps reduce the trouble of frequent repair and maintain. Much money can be saved and more comfortable using experience enjoyed. For detailed large 12v water pump price list, contact us now!

large 12v water pump types
customize large 12v water pump

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Large 12v Water Pump Customized

In some complicated using conditions such as mountain area or mine area, universal submersible pumps are unable to meet the actual requirements. On solving the problem, we made special customized service. According to customers’ requirement, designer parts give detailed plan on pumps designing. After reaching agreement, high tech automatic stainless steel producing line starts working, and all the finished products must be tested strictly through testing machine. Attending personnel tracking system is adopted and to be set in each working process. On producing customized pumps, we are always on the leading position.

large 12v water pump customize
large 12v water pump price

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Large 12v Water Pump Wholesale

Apart from frequent discount, one favorable serve of us is wholesale service. If large quantity of large 12 volt water pumps is ordered once, cheap wholesale service will be offered. With advanced automatic stator wielding line, automatic winding line and automatic assemble line, delivery time can be well guaranteed. For urgent needs on large power pumps, we set large power pump stock in factory, they are able to be sent out immediately after receiving the order. Inventory information is constantly changing because of hot demand, contact us and check update inventory if you need.

large 12v water pump price
wholesale large 12v water pump

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Large 12v Water Pump Brand

Brand reputation of APK is famous and always listed on the top position in whole submersible pumps markets, old customers are willing to build long term relationship with us after buying pumps once from us. Pumps output per month reaches 8000 and won great praise among buyers. Various submersible water well pumps specifications enables diversified selective for customers. On Choosing best submersible pumps brand, APK will be the best bet.

large 12v water pump for sale
large 12v water pump customize

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Large 12v Water Pump Manufacturer

High quality of our products originates from brilliant working skills as well as testing system. Sample survey is abandoned at the foundation, for more than thirty years produce development, we stick to test each single pump by professional testing machines and pump experts. Designing and producing ability rated first in whole pumps markets. Service engineer helps solve all sorts of problems both in pre sale process and after sale process. As a responsible large 12v water pump manufacturer, we are doing as we best to offer brilliant purchasing and using experience for you.
Most of large 12 volt water pumps are sold overboard and won great praise, we promise to give you most competitive 12v water pump price. If you have any intention on our products and our company, please leave all you message below and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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