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Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand

Price of submersible water pumps New Zealand produced by APK is proved to be the most reasonable one. We have best quality submersible water pumps for New Zealand. As experts in submersible pumps market, APK owns capability of designing and producing water pumps all by ourselves. We would like to give most favorable wholesale price if large quantity of submersible pumps are ordered. For better serve customers, we set professional one stop service system. Any requirements on pumps parameter can be met, customized water pumps service will satisfy all your needs.

water submersible pump
submersible water pump

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Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand Price

Compared with most manufacturers in New Zealand, we have the most ample and cheap manual labor, along with our high tech producing machines, whole produce costs are reduced to large extent and working efficiency is improved. All the ordered products are produced and sold by ourselves, making no middle charge between customers and sellers. National standard pumps parts and units enables long life expectancy of water pumps, saving much money and time in using process. Detailed submersible water pumps New Zealand price list will be given if you need.

submersible water pump New Zealand
submersible water pump for sale

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Wholesale Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand

Wholesale service is set directly to customers on buying large quantity of submersible pumps, frequent discounts and favorable wholesale price helps save money for you. On reducing unnecessary costs as much as possible, we adopt bulk LCL exports to reduce transport fee from China to New Zealand. If needing large power pumps urgently, we have large power pumps stock in factory, inventory information is changing constantly because of large demand of our pumps. Contact us and check the update inventory, all of which can be sent immediately after receiving the order without delaying.

submersible water pump customize
wholesale submersible water pump

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Customize Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand

When requiring extremely large flow or high lift submersible pumps used for mountain areas and mine areas, we provide you with customized service. With large manpower and money investing in stainless steel foundry, our factory is now capable enough to provide national standard customized stainless steel submersible pumps for you. Strict testing system enables pumps quality level and working performance. Till now, many customized stainless steel submersible water pumps produced by us are sent to New Zealand, customers are all satisfied with pumps performance and their long life expectancy.

submersible water pump price
submersible water pump company

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Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand For Sale

High quality submersible water pumps are for hot sale in our company, the most popular and common types ordered by customers from New Zealand are stainless steel pumps. With automatic stainless steel producing line, our pumps are made excellent in both appearance and working performance. Protective devices such as over heat and over flow devices are installed inside to protect pumps motor from burning and guarantee safety in using process. All of which enables long service life of our pumps, proving to be used for more than ten years by customers.

wholesale submersible water pump
submersible water pump

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Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand Types

Here are some submersible water pumps types that are widely ordered by customers from New Zealand, come to submersible pumps specifications or contact us directly if you want detailed information.

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
250QJ160-150/10 160 150 110 250
250QJ160-135/9 160 135 100 250
250QJ160-120/8 160 120 90 250
250QJ160-105/7 160 105 75 250
250QJ160-90/6 160 90 63 250
250QJ160-75/5 160 75 55 250
250QJ160-60/4 160 60 45 250
250QJ160-45/3 160 45 30 250
250QJ160-30/2 160 30 22 250
250QJ160-15/1 160 15 13 250
250QJ140-180/12 140 180 125 250
250QJ140-165/11 140 165 110 250
250QJ140-150/10 140 150 100 250
250QJ140-135/9 140 135 90 250
250QJ140-120/8 140 120 75 250
250QJ140-105/7 140 105 63 250
250QJ140-90/6 140 90 55 250

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Submersible Water Pumps Applications

1.Agricultural farmland irrigation
2.Industrial area water transfer
3.Commercial water transport
4.Mining areas dewatering use
5.Constructive areas
6.Residential or deep well water transfer

submersible water pumps for sale
submersible water pump New Zealand

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Submersible Water Pumps New Zealand Manufacturers

As top of submersible water pump manufacturer, produce technology of APK is widely praised among whole water pumps markets. Automatic stator wielding line, automatic winding line and automatic assemble line helped improved working efficiency to large extent. Till now, we have manufactured and assembled all sorts of submersible pumps parts and units for more than 100,000. For many times, we are treated as official designated products used widely in large occasions such as the Olympic Games. One stop service system guarantees satisfying purchasing experience of yours.
New Zealand is one of our major exporters, we are willing to offer the best quality submersible water pumps in the most reasonable pumps price. Therefore, if you have intention on get most cost-effective submersible water pumps New Zealand, please leave your message below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


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