2hp Submersible Pump

2hp submersible pump is widely used for industrial area, mining area and farmland irrigation, fishing industry area etc. Various 2hp submersible pump specifications give you more choice on purchasing. Reasonable price of 2hp submersible pump in APK provides you with best purchasing experience. Being top rated water pump brand in China, we are experienced enough to produce premium high head and high flow 2hp pumps for you. If you have special requirements on pumps parameter, customized service of us are able to satisfy your need easily. Contact us now to get best pumps.

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2hp Submersible Pump For Sale

Divided by pump castings, stainless steel type and cast iron type are the most frequently ordered submersible pump 2hp. Excellent performance in wear resistance and hardness keep cast iron water pumps in hot demand for long period of time. When used for transferring salt water or sea water, stainless steel castings are able to prevent pump body from being corroded, along with good-looking appearance, 304 and 316 stainless steel submersible pumps get more and more popular among customers. Three phase pumps and single phase pumps are also differs according to using applications. If you have trouble in finding pumps by yourself, please contact us and we have professional staff to give detailed introduction on each model.

2hp water pump type
2hp submersible pump

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2hp Submersible Pump Price

In China, seldom submersible pump company can fully design, produce and sell pumps all by themselves, however, APK is capable enough to give one stop service for you. Owning strong strength factory of our own, produce costs are controlled by us and unnecessary costs such as middle fee between customers and sellers are reduced. Another reason for our reasonable 2hp submersible pump price is high working efficiency of factory. Automatic produce line gives us possibility on producing highest quality water pumps in the shortest period of time, working efficiency is improved and thus purchasing price is reduced to large extent.

2hp submersible pump
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2hp Submersible Pump Specifications

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
300QJ500-90/6 500 90 220 300
300QJ500-75/5 500 75 180 300
300QJ500-60/4 500 60 140 300
300QJ500-45/3 500 45 110 300
300QJ500-30/2 500 30 75 300
300QJ500-15/1 500 15 30 300
300QJ400-120/3 400 120 220 300
300QJ400-80/2 400 80 160 300
300QJ400-40/1 400 40 75 300
300QJ300-80/4 300 80 110 300
300QJ300-60/3 300 60 75 300
300QJ300-40/2 300 40 55 300
300QJ300-20/1 300 20 25 300
300QJ240-110/5 240 110 100 300
300QJ240-88/4 240 88 100 300
300QJ240-66/3 240 66 75 300
300QJ240-44/2 240 44 45 300
300QJ240-22/1 240 22 22 300
300QJ200-120/6 200 120 110 300
300QJ200-100/5 200 100 90 300
300QJ200-80/4 200 80 75 300
300QJ200-60/3 200 60 55 300
300QJ200-40/2 200 40 37 300
300QJ200-30/1 200 30 25 300
300QJ200-20/1 200 20 18.5 300
250QJ160-150/10 160 150 110 250
250QJ160-135/9 160 135 100 250
250QJ160-120/8 160 120 90 250
250QJ160-105/7 160 105 75 250
250QJ160-90/6 160 90 63 250

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2hp Submersible Pump Single Phase

Single phase submersible pump is used under 220v, the required current is quite low and thus is perfectly suitable to be used for home. Being a domestic 2hp submersible pump single phase, convenient operation on well pump is the basic principle on producing. Our single phase pump is easy to be dissembled and repaired. Pump units and motor is linked as one, when put under well, vertical shape makes it more space saving. We also pay great attention on safety working of it, hundreds of submersible pumps experiments are made on guaranteeing the safety and smooth working condition of single phase 2hp submersible pump.

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2hp water pump impeller

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2hp Submersible Pump Starter

When pumps are working under water, motor operates and drives impeller rotates rapidly. Under great imbalanced pressure inside pump body, transferred liquid is sucked into body, it moves together with impeller, and then is thrown out far away from pump body, the pushing force is known as head. All the transferred liquid is thrown out and then vacuum space formed near inlet, new round of pumping process starts in this way again. For convenience, all the starter we set is quite easy to be operated whether for domestic pumps or for industrial pumps.

2hp Submersible Pump Price List

For different models and specifications, price of 2hp submersible pump is different largely. Stainless steel water pumps price are a lot higher than cast iron well pump, whole three phase water pumps price is sure to be higher than single phase. But overall 2hp submersible pump price list in APK is rewarded as the most reasonable one for long period of time. If you need large power pumps, we have customized service for you, detailed price list on customized products can be got from our personnel.

2hp submersible pump for sale
2hp stainless steel submersible pump

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2hp Submersible Pump Discharge

2hp submersible pump is normally QJ series and QS series. Motor and pump units are linked as one, three phase or single phase water cooler motor are equipped, together with clean water to cool down heated motor and lubricate bearing, so as to guarantee high working performance. Polyethylene insulation nylon sheet and water resistance electric wire is adopted on winding. In order to prevent leaking of liquid, reinforced seal method is used. Vertical multistage or single stage centrifugal impeller ensures excellent 2hp submersible pump discharge in working process.

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2hp submersible pump specification

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2hp Submersible Pump Control Box

As special working condition, control box of 2hp submersible pump is installed on the ground. In APK company, many types of control box can be chosen for fitting different submerged pumps. All of which are made in excellent quality level and safety working condition. Apart from this, internal materials such as stator and copper wires are delicately designed and tested through pump experts in our company. Advanced automatic machines and automatic produce line keep our 2hp submersible pump always in top rated quality level in whole water well pumps markets.

2hp submersilble pump capacity
2hp submersible pump

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2hp Submersible Pump Cost

When it comes into 2hp submersible pump cost, it not only includes purchasing price, but also consists of using cost after buying. As is known to us, a weak quality pump may save lots of money for you in purchasing step, but after short period of time, you may get in trouble in spending more money in repairing and even replacing it with a brand new pump. Thus the using costs can be much higher. On account of this, in each step of our produce, we regard quality as primary concern, the long life expectancy and brilliant quality well pumps of our company is able to a wise investment to you. That is why 2hp submersible pump cost is the most reasonable in APK.

single phase 2hp submersible pump
2hp submersible pump

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2hp Submersible Pump Capacity

Submersible pump is mainly consists of inlet, outlet, motor and pump body. 2hp submersible pump capacity is determined by design of pump body as well as the flow rate. Larger flow represents larger pump capacity. In many official projects, large capacity and large power pumps are in hot demand, we specially set large pumps stock in our factory so as to meet the urgent demand. All the pumps can be sent out immediately. With hot demand of our pumps, our inventory information is changing from time to time, therefore, contact us for updated pumps inventory if you need large capacity 2hp submersible pump urgently.

2hp Electric Submersible Pump

Motor serves as the vital element in pumps design, all the pump parts must be operated under excellent performance motor. Therefore, many protective devices are installed inside to prevent it from being burnt, such as over flow and over heat equipment. For large power pumps, we specially designed hydraulic system of motor, in order to save more energy when working. Whole pump is tested to get smooth and safe working condition before selling. If you want best 2hp electric submersible pump, just get in touch with us now!

2hp submersible pump gpm
2hp submersible pump for sale

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Flow Rate Of 2hp Submersible Pump

APK pump factory is capable enough on providing pumps ranges from 10m3/h to 1800m3/h, many high flow pumps produced by our factory are widely sold all over the world and got great praise among customers. With higher flow rate required, the diameter of pumps muse be large enough, for this, we have 7 inch well pumps, 8 inch pumps and even 16 inch water well pumps to meet your demand. If you have more requirements on pumps, experts in design department of our factory are able to design pumps for you. All the pumps are tested strictly through testing machines, thus the performance can be highly reliable.

2hp Submersible Pump Gpm

Most universal submersible pumps are unable to meet complicated applications, therefore, we would like to offer customized service for you. All the pumps customized by us are far beyond national standard in quality level. One set of 316 stainless steel customized submersible pumps are sent for Iceland in order to transfer sea water, ordered gpm of customers is 1200m3/h but we finally make high quality 1500m3/h pumps for them, which got great praise by them and we both built long term relationship on pumps business. With improved stainless steel foundry, we are able to make high quality required pumps for you.

2hp submersible pump discharge
2hp submersible pump part

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2hp Submersible Pump Head

In order to meet the demand of industrial use, head of most our 2hp submersible pump is designed into full head type, range of which produced by our company is between 10 to 500m. Each impeller carries about 20m head of our water pump. All the pump units are being tested carefully for excellent and smooth hydraulic system. From small domestic submersible pumps to large sea water or industrial submersible pumps, our variable water pumps specifications will sure to give you best suitable choice. If you have trouble in finding the suitable one, please contact us for detailed introduction.

2hp submersible pump discharge
2hp electric submersible pump

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3 Phase 2hp Submersible Pump

Unlike single phase submersible pumps, 3 phase pumps are used under 380 volt. Dynamic and energy requirement is much higher than single phase one. Therefore, they are widely used for farmland irrigation, fountain scenic spots, mining dewatering use, sea water transfer and fishing industry area etc. Wide range of application and brilliant working performance make them being more and more popular all over the world. Each 3 phase water pump is being tested through national B level testing machine and our professional staff in each of produce steps. Because of our long service life pumps and excellent quality, APK company is granted as the most reliable 2hp submersible pump manufacturer in China.

Till now, the type of our 2hp submersible pump is widely sold all over the world and won great praise among customers. We would like to and are capable enough on providing best premium large power pumps for large projects for you, cheap and reasonable wholesale price would be given if large amount of pumps are ordered. Please feel free to leave all your detailed message below if you have intention on buying best 2hp submersible pump from us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.



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